EXCLUSIVE: Dustin Lance Black Calls Obama’s Marriage Statement “Brave,” “Possibly Dangerous”

Right before the White House Correspondents Dinner I did a piece in The Hollywood Reporter that went after both candidates on marriage equality. I certainly hit Romney pretty hard, and rightfully so. But I also went a little Harvey Milk and asked if we really wanted to cast our vote for any candidate who doesn’t have a full equality stance. That we might want to consider withholding our money and support. Otherwise we’ll continually be satisfied with crumbs.

There’s a great quote from Harvey: “Masturbation is fun but it doesn’t take the place of the real thing. It’s time the gay community to stop playing with itself and get down to the real thing. If you ask for the real thing you might be surprised that you’ll actually get it.” It’s one of my favorite Harvey quotes. He used it whenever people told him he was asking for too much in 1975, and I think about it all the time.

I never expected him to be that clear and do it so soon

It’s amazing that we don’t show ourselves the respect in demanding what the U.S. Supreme Court has called a fundamental right, instead of asking for it here and there, incrementally. That might come off as politically naive, but our role is the activist role. We’re not here to help them figure out how to parse our requests. We’re here to ask for what we know we deserve.

Obama’s statement was one of those rare moments where a politician did something incredibly brave—something possibly dangerous—and he actually gave us everything we asked for. He came out in a clear, personal way in favor of equal marriage for gays and lesbians. I never expected him to be that clear and do it so soon. I have to say I was mostly moved because of the timing. He was brave because he’s in the middle of an election.

He did it the day right after North Carolina and I was getting flooded with emails and Facebook messages from these young people who had fought so hard against Amendment One and felt so despondent. They felt all the injuries they felt growing up and being picked on coming back—they’d just been bullied by their own state. I just know all too well what they were going through. I was trying my best to [console them] but Obama came and just blew me out of the water.

If the President wanted to put me in my place, he sure did. And he can keep doing that.”

Oscar-winning screenwriter/activist Dustin Lance Black, discussing Barack Obama‘s recent endorsement of marriage equality, with Queerty’s Dan Avery. Black’s directorial debut, Virgina, hits theaters on Friday, May 18. Photos: Adam Emperor Southard Photography, Earthlina

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  • Andy

    Okay, so why didn’t the Democrats who had a majority in Congress not repeal DOMA in 2009? It’s all empty words now.

  • Chadboy


    I agree Shannon. Not sure why we have to hear his opinion on politics. He’s as knowledgable on politics as he is on safe sex practices.

  • Polyboy

    Because it wasn’t a majority. Congress was full of Blue Dogs. So don’t call it what it wasn’t.

    Plus, you know…Filibuster.

  • Delius

    No one cares what Dustin Lance Barebacker thinks.
    And ENOUGH of this hair style…he’s a grown assed man..not a young guy.

    Have some dignity barebacked.

  • val

    I agree that it was a brave thing to do. But wish he would have waited until after the election. Because there is a high possibility that he will lose. And if Romey is winning, LGBT people will be taken rights away from them, instead.

  • michael

    If Obama loses those in the LGBT community who whined and bitched about him not coming out can piss off. It was obvious Obama would come out for it after he won but if he loses we are all totally screwed.

  • DouggSeven

    Everyone here needs to calm down. The Democrats knew EXACTLY what the outcome would be after her said that. This was a highly calculated effort with a very large positive outcome for his re-election campaign. All the latest poles still show Obama on top with hardly any change in numbers.

  • Misty

    @Andy: There were other issues to deal with at the time.

  • cam

    @val: said…

    I agree that it was a brave thing to do. But wish he would have waited until after the election. Because there is a high possibility that he will lose.”

    It is sad that so many in the gay community have such a case of battered women’s syndrome.

    If you look at state by state polls, only the states that Obama is solidly ahead in or likely to win, he is already over where he needs to be to win the presidency. Romney on the other hand is more than 100 electoral votes behind.

    Stop eing ashamed. Gays desperve the same rights as any other group. I don’t see women saying “Well we shouldn’t mention our health or pay because it could be unpopular” nor do I see Latinos, African American’s etc.. saying that they should all shut up.

    It’s too bad you feel that you aren’t worth as much.

  • B

    Re No 1 and the reply in No 3: Another reason besides some newly elected Democrats from previously Republican districts with unenlightened constituents is that repealing DOMA was not the only issue – you had the economy and health care, and the Republicans would have loved to have had a DOMA debate in order to waste time until the next election in the hopes of picking up more seats. As it was, they barely got health care passed before we were back to a Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

    Now, if McCain had been elected, a DADT repeal, even if it passed, would have been vetoed (he voiced his opposition to it in the Senate). Don’t know about DOMA but I’d guess he would oppose a repeal of that too. So would Romney.

    Then there is the Supreme Court – who do you want making the next appointment, should it occur during the next 4 years? Do you want another Thomas or Scalia?

  • DenverBarbie

    Why are we so quick to jump down the throats of those in our own community? We applaud heterosexual starlets for coming out in favor of Obama’s recently announced “change of heart” on marriage equality (as if he wasn’t personally supportive all along), but berate men like Dustin Lance Black. I do not get it! He’s a well-spoken and passionate individual, and if any gay man is expected to speak for us in Hollywood- I sure as hell am glad it’s him! A series of sex pics have no bearing on that. (In fact, I think it’s kind of cool that the man Hollywood runs to for an opinion on gay-anything is one who is undoubtably sexual.)

  • Belize

    @Delius: “No one cares what Dustin Lance Barebacker thinks.

    And yet here you are berating it while a couple of others are discussing the point in question. Does that mean you are a “nobody?”

    “And ENOUGH of this hair style…he’s a grown assed man..not a young guy.”

    LOL. It’s funny how you insult his hairstyle for its immaturity and yet the issues you are using to malign the man are far more shallow and childish by nature. Perhaps it is you who should grow up.

    “Have some dignity barebacked.”

    How long have you been waiting to crack that one up? Have a little creativity instilled in you. Please. It’s really pitiful when people can’t even succeed at the simple and mindless task of trolling.

  • Belize

    @DenverBarbie: “A series of sex pics have no bearing on that.”

    I think the only real issue of the pearl clutching queens on this site as far as Black is concerned is the fact that he was initially promoting safe sex before the photos came out. Of course, the morons fail to understand that the photos were taken THREE YEARS before he even became a public figure.

    LOL. That’s usually the mindset of bitter queens. They find a dent in the past and they get stuck there.

  • terry


  • Peter Fitz

    I think Dick Cheney deserves a lot of credit
    He was for gay marriage more than four years ago, have we all forgotten that ???????

  • MikeyM

    Obama came out about Gay Marriage yet people are still not happy?

  • michael

    Obama’s coming for our equality is good no matter why he chose to do it. Every time marriage equality is put to a vote of the people we lose. We lose not just in “Red” states but in blue ones too. Many Democrats and so called liberals have voted against our rights with the attitude “if it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for me”. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that coming out of somebodies mouth. Obama’s “one man and one woman” stance has enabled a lot of bigotry and it’s past time that changed. Now, those who still wish to remain bigoted will have to do so without him to fall back upon. Of course, I don’t believe that civil rights are something to be voted on anyway. I believe our constitution covers us if properly interpreted. As far as those who don’t want to hear what Mr. Bass has to say because he’s famous or Hollywood or whatever, grow up. Nobodies making you listen or read anything. Stop being a victim and act like something is being done to you because it is your choice to read it. It’s that kind of victim attitude that holds us back anyway. People who resort to such adolescent, “dry drunk”, negative thinking won’t be happy no matter what we achieve. Don’t accept their misery and negativity because it’s about something much more deep rooted than the things they project upon. It’s rooted in their core being.

  • tlbuffin

    @Andy: Because when the Democrats controlled Congress they still did not have enough votes in the Senate. They always needed 1 or 2 republican votes to reach the magic number of 60 and that was a virtual impossibility on this issue. This President has been the best president for gay rights in American history and had done for for the cause in 3 short years than has ever been done before. Those who complain that he hasn’t done enough are too impatient and too damned demanding . They remind me of the old Bette Midler concert when the audience kept screaming ” More… More” after she had been on stage for almost 3 hours, and she said to them, ” I’d hate to be the hooker who found herself with you all.”

  • tlbuffin

    @Peter Fitz: I’d like to forget Dick Cheney period. The man is a war criminal and belongs in prison.

  • tlbuffin

    What an ignorant bunch of ungrateful whining shallow Queens. Dustin is an Academy Award winning writer and dedicated activist, and people here go out of their way to tear him down instead of praising him for the role model he is. Then they start ripping on Obama, the only real friend the gay community has ever had in the White House. Bunch of immature, empty headed and just plain silly people.

  • BryanC

    @Andy: I am kinda where you are. I need to see real results and DOMA needs to DIE before I start hailing him as the conquering hero of gay rights.

  • WillBFair

    @cam: Battered women syndrome? Thanks for the psychoanalysis. Did you get your MD from Johns Hopkins?
    As for your cooked stats, I’m a bit sceptical. I’ve listened to self destructive queens make excuses for thirty years, for letting hiv spread, for treating the unattractive like dirt, for demanding everyone come out regardless of the danger, etc…
    And there’s one piece of data that you conveniently overlook. It’s that we’ve been used as a wedge issue for decades. Bush’s re-election was won by using us as scapegoats. And it is far too early to know if the strategy will work again.
    But let’s hear more trivial excuses for sabotaging the election. Even after thirty five years, it never gets old.

  • Spike

    And if Willard Romney is to be the next President (elected, stolen or whatever it be), and the next 2+ Supreme Court nominees are his to choose, we can kiss good bye to any chance of marriage equality for the next 40 years, and we can thank the LGBT whiners for forcing this issue upon President Obama prior to he being elected to a second term.

  • peter

    Make no mistake: this was an extremely calculated move on the part of Obama to push Romney to the far-right so he could capture the middle. Risky, yes. Uncharacteristically ballsy, even. But brave?

  • Jon

    I don’t really care what bareback porn actor thinks about Obama.

  • Larry McD

    @Andy: Seriously? Empty words? You have to be under 30. Those of us who survived the Darker Ages of the ’60s,’70s, and ’80s know better. I hope that as you age your understanding deepens.

  • Calvin

    My role models don’t have XXX photos leaked!
    You can keep Parisite Hilton, Kim Kartrashian and Dustin Lance BareBacked.

    I would rather young people look up to someone who has a semblance of morality and isn’t preaching about safe sex and then doing other things and taking photos of it.

    He thinks he is such an icon. This dude only has 5000 twitter followers, that nothing in the realm of things.

  • gary

    Uh. Who gives a shit what this dude thinks or says. Does he have some special moral clarity on issues because he is a “screen writer”? Sick of you star struck idiots who fall all over “celebrities”. Dick Cheney basically said the same thing years ago and you guys could give a piss. Now really who is the “brave” one here. Obama? I think not. Grow the fuck up!

  • Brian

    This comment thread is a perfect example of my reasons for thinking that Queerty is actually run by GOProud, the most self-hating bunch of homos on the planet. So somebody leaked pictures of Black onto the Internet – SO WHAT? Have any of you queens done ANYTHING to advance our cause? No, you’re not that brave – just brave enough to stand back and rip on the very people who are working to benefit YOU.
    God this website makes me sick.

  • gary

    @tlbuffin: OMG. He is in HOLLYWOOD….and a OSCAR WINNING screenwriter to boot!! Hurry let me know what he thinks of Occupy Wall Street so I know if I should get involved or not (snark)!!!!!!

  • jeff4justice

    Amazing how LGBTs can be so self-defeating

    1) It’s always amazing how many LGBTs tear down the people who’ve made it on blogs like this. The thinking goes “someone like DLB does not speak for me.” If you speak for yourself you really would not need to make a comment like that. Also, if you attain the level of success he has then your voice would be heard by more people. It’s one thing to debate ideas. It’s another to blatantly show off petty jealousy by needlessly DLB bashing.

    2) DLB and any LGBT activist demanding politicians and religious leaders be brave despite political risk should take their own advice and support the alternative Green Party, Socialist Party, Libertarian Party, or Justice Party candidates who are 100% pro-equality.

  • danB

    I’m always interested in Black’s point of view – especially since he’s articulating publicly what many are saying privately. I’m not sure I entirely agree with what seems to be the conventional wisdom that it was a brave time for the President to do this. Polling so far is projecting low participation in the election – low participation usually benefits conservatives. Also, there is a dangerous combination of factors that could further erode the Obama voting base from 2008 – people are assuming he’ll win (partly b/c they they overestimate the republican willingness to support a hard right wing candidate), others are severely disillusioned by what they see as Obama’s aloof leadership style and lack of progress on domestic agenda – finally, the excitement factor that got out the vote last tie is lacking. Polling also shows voters who consider themselves moderates republicans increasingly support marriage equality.
    So this is part of a strategy to begin reinvigorating the democratic base without alienating moderates (also, minorities and other democratic base groups that oppose this move based on religious beliefs are extremely unlikely to break with Obama over it and go to Romney).
    That doesn’t mean I don’t think the President is doing a good job or that this wasn’t a fantastic thing to do – but I think Obama has consistently proven himself to be a cautious, pragmatic politician. Maybe we should take it as a big positive that supporting marriage equality is no longer a third rail issues for democrats. It’s long past time.

  • n900mixalot

    That is either an EPIC comb-over, or an exquisite Bieber-cut. Either way, for someone pushing 40 it is time to move on.

    Can we get some new role-models please? Some REAL role-models? Not more Hollywood drama-philes?

  • Aussie Col

    haha why is this site so full of people that cut down tall poppies. I don’t care what anyone says about Dustin, but this was a well thought out piece. Isn’t funny that it is ambivilence that is the opposite of love, so your hateful words show that you really have an interest in this man…otherwise you wouldn’t comment at all.
    He’s a celebrity, and LGBT masses seem to love straight ones, but hate the gay ones because of his hairstyle, his sex practices, his past life…. just like Mick Romney refers to all you.
    Thanks for giving me a laugh on this cold melbourne day…Dustin’s words makes more sense than any of the haters in these comments. LOL. Obama did good, Dustim recognises it…you should all applaud for Obama, not the messenger.
    You are all acting like Bristol (born again virgin) Palin, and giving fodder to the hetero haters to say LGBT are MENTAL…you idiots…

  • Andy

    @Polyboy: SO what changes now with actual Republicans in charge? They didn’t even bother trying. At least with a vote, we would have seen who is on our side.

  • Danny Ray


  • gary


    Really? “our side”? Oh that’s right, the HRC, GLADD and the Dan Savage(s) of this world have decided how all gay men are suppose to act and think. We are all one monolithic, goose-stepping, group think Borg. And if you dare step off the gay plantation, that gay Borg will find you, assimilate you or destroy you. I live in Chicago. The gay elite in this town are nothing but a bunch of politically correct , trendy a-holes who trip over each other in trying to be the most “progressive” on every fucking issue. Gun rights? For em? Your violent! Affirmative Action? Against it? You are a racist. Want illegal immigration stopped? You hate Hispanics! Want women to pay for their own birth control? You hate women (see Ms. Fluke)! Want gay men to take responsibility for their sexual practices? Well, obviously you are a sexually repressed. Think Barney and Dodd have as much responsibility for causing the recession as the greedy bankers? Well! How dare you criticize ole Barney……He is on “our side”……! One fucking issue…gay marriage…is suppose to define on what “side” I am on? Fuck off! Had it with your “trendy” thoughts!!

  • Kyle412


    MILK was written by Ron Nyswaner. Do the research. If Black is such a talented writer then why in the world was J. EDGAR such a piece of crap? Because Black wrote it and he didn’t write MILK.

  • Chadboy


    Have I done anything to advance our cause? YES! So have many other openly gay men and women.

    I have been living out& proud for 20 years. Being an example to fellow gays, my family, straight friends and my younger family members.I have done charity work for our community with LGBT center in my city, done AIDS walks, volunteered for God’s Love and marched in gay pride parades and rallies. And I never did for the glory of press opportunities or advancing my career like Black does. I did it because it is the right thing to do.

  • G

    Who cares what this kid says?? Srsly.

  • Scott

    I agree with Gary: Uh. Who gives a shit what this dude thinks or says. Does he have some special moral clarity on issues because he is a “screen writer”? Sick of you star struck idiots who fall all over “celebrities”. Dick Cheney basically said the same thing years ago and you guys could give a piss. Now really who is the “brave” one here. Obama? I think not. Grow the fuck up!

  • Mike

    DLBlack is a total hypocrite. Especially when it comes to unsafe sex. Futhermore that fool does NOT represent the LGBT community or even gay white men, he only represents his hypocritical ass.

  • Reason

    There seems to be a bit of agism and jealousy rolling through the comments, Black seems like he has a good heart. What Black wrote was substantive and logical, but we live in a society that often times rejects whats logical and practical. Black’s comments resonated with my emotional side, I would be lying if I said I was not elated at the presidents actions, but as a pragmatist I cannot accept parts of his statement. I have stated many times over the years that Obama supports gay rights, and would move the needle at the rate it need to be moved to reach the desired end result.

    The president is a strategist, he is not moved by winning his way into the hearts of people to concur the day ‘Clintonism,’ but by winning the war. The chess match is brutal, beloved pieces must be sacrificed along the way. Unfortunately the gay pieces rebelled, we chose the route of the illogical, pushing the president into a lose-lose scenario. The president is not practicing political expediency, because there is nothing expedient about professing his true feelings about something the country is starkly divided on. How are his true feelings being broadcasted to the general public going to get us any closer to DOMA repeal?

    The consistent whining from the gay community percolated through the democratic base, already weary from three plus years of battle that has not been easy, damping their enthusiasm to go out in work to get democrats elected this November. A disillusioned base could result in a repeat of the tea party revolution of 2010. The president was forced to become principled and relay his true feelings prematurely to get the base back in the game, granted the cost of not having them engaged is nearly as damaging as his revelations. Rove is unabated by the constraints of executive office, and that is terrifying after witnessing his ruthless action during the 08 campaign when he used the blood of this community to lubricate the Bush-Cheney machine. Well we just reinforced Rove’s lines with ammunition that he can once again use to drive young gays to suicides in his quest to remove Obama from office.

    Obama would be in a much better position if the gay community accepted what the president has done so far not limited to DADT repeal, hospital visitation, expansion of benefits through the federal government, and the refusal to defend DOMA. We could have helped rally the base to the presidents side, and he wouldn’t be on the ropes trying to win Virginia and North Carolina, that swiftly rejected marriage equality, with this burden of truth on his shoulders. Obama and everyone in this community knows that DOMA will not be repealed by a presidents word or legislatively in the next decade or beyond; our only chance resides in the supreme court. Whoever is elected come November will be appointing the justices that decide which way that ruling will go. Like you I felt something that was indescribable when I heard Obama’s comments on the television, the leader of the greatest power on earth accepting us as family, but was it worth it?

  • tj

    OMG STFU! How annoying and self important.
    1. The whole we should maybe shoot ourselves in the foot and just kinda pray we win the race anyway is an idiotic proposition.
    2. If he were really paying attention Obama actually didn’t go that far in his support it wasn’t political support of gay marriage at all it was personal. I could care less about a politician’s personal views. I’m sure lots of politicians have no personal problem with gay marriage.
    3. How about you leave the policy wonking to say… lawyers… or maybe even really go crazy and let the people who work in public policy worry about public policy. Use your free time to fix your hair.

  • tj

    @ Cam
    If you don’t see African Americans telling activists like Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and others to shut up until after the election then you are not looking very hard.

  • Godfred

    please i think is good and right, for each person.. i am confuse here because is not accepted in my country , just wish i c could relocate and live my gay life

  • DragonScorpion

    “It’s amazing that we don’t show ourselves the respect in demanding what the U.S. Supreme Court has called a fundamental right, instead of asking for it here and there, incrementally. That might come off as politically naive, but our role is the activist role. We’re not here to help them figure out how to parse our requests. We’re here to ask for what we know we deserve.”

    Certainly we are here to ask for what we know we deserve. But it is indeed politically naive to believe that if we just bitch and scream loud enough we’ll get it next week. I think there are many in our community who don’t grasp that reality.

    I’m all for going for everything all at once. A constitutional amendment adding sexual orientation alongside race as protected from discrimination would be great, it would quickly reduce most every state, local and federally anti-gay legislation to null and void, but back to reality, that’s not happening anytime soon probably for at least a generation.

    In the meantime, we should take what we can get one step at a time. I’m not at all in favor of civil unions. Separate is not equal. We should demand no less than full civil marriage, the same legal protections and term as opposite-sex couples are granted, but that is not to say that we should not acknowledge certain political realities. For instance, the President cannot simply decree that same-sex couples can marry. The President cannot simply toss aside an act of Congress, i.e. DOMA. Hopefully the SCOTUS will strike down these anti-marriage equality amendments, and hopefully the Congress will repeal DOMA as they have DADT, but barring this, we’re not getting full marriage equality in this country. Period. No amount of holding our breath or withholding our votes is going to twist the arm of a President to give us what we know we deserve. And helping to elect those who are determined to thwart our advancements is certainly not moving us forward.

    Until the Supreme Court and/or the Congress acts, we are going to have to continue to push at state and local levels for equality in employment, adoption and marriage. That includes legislative as well as judicial. And yes, sometimes we’re going to have to compromise. Like supporting a President who has “evolved” for whatever damn reason, rather than supporting or electing through inaction the guy who has always opposed and is not going to “evolve” on gay equality and who, at the behest of his hijacked party, is going to roll back what we’ve waited so long to achieve.

  • Godfred

    @DragonScorpion: please can i contact you for more advice

  • Cam

    @WillBFair: said…

    “@cam: Battered women syndrome? Thanks for the psychoanalysis. Did you get your MD from Johns Hopkins?
    As for your cooked stats, I’m a bit sceptical. I’ve listened to self destructive queens make excuses for thirty years, for letting hiv spread, for treating the unattractive like dirt, for demanding everyone come out regardless of the danger, etc…”


    What a pathetic comment. Lets see. I point out that the state by state polls put Obama way out in the lead and that gays need to stop assuming that any mention of us is terrible for politicians and you have no response to THAT so you freak out and try to tie saying that we may be good politically to people letting HIV spread and attacking unattractive people? Seriously, that connection is so non-existent as to be ridiculous. You should really look at why the mere mention that we may not be awful fills you with such anger.

    Oh, and as for my “Cooked” stats….anybody with google can find them in about 10 seconds, but since you want to pretend that isn’t the case, I’ve pasted a nice little link here for you that shows in state by state polls Obama is already well over the number of electoral votes needed to win while Romney is 100 electoral votes behind. Additionally Obama is making it a tighter race in AZ which hasn’t happened before, AND is even drumming up a campaign against Romney in Texas which the Dems have never done and which will cost Romney a fortune to defend. But you just keep on sitting at home crying.


  • Daez

    @val: When even the Republican think tank says that marriage equality is the safe bet based on the polls, what the hell makes you think it will cost Obama the election? The people that were virulently anti-gay marriage already were not going to vote for him. Those that are in the middle are more likely to lean progressive than conservative or they would not be in the middle.

    Also, even if Mitt Romney does win, history has proven that he is nothing more than a politician who follows the poll numbers while making multiple false promises to whatever group he is courting at the time. There is a good chance that Romney will not even touch marriage in the four years he is in office if the polls keep trending towards legalizing gay marriage.

  • Joseph Hill

    Better late than never from Obama; but I’d never praise him for ‘courage’ on this issue or any others. Obama is motivated by ‘fear’ and electoral politics. I agree with Mr. Black’s insistence that we DEMAND what we really want–Full Equality. The HRC and other backward groups have behaved as weasels since the very beginning of their existence…assuring the timid that “We” are NOT seeking genuine equality and that the recalcitrant Dems can count on the support of the LGBTQ Community even if they are AFRAID of joining in our demands. HRC and others have cut the Dems so much ‘slack’ that they have set back Queer Liberation by decades while losing credibility with our own community AND convincing the opposition that we are being dishonest about our real intentions.

    I say, come out with the whole “GAY AGENDA” and claim it for ourselves PROUDLY, rather than disavowing it whenever we are challenged on its being ‘too radical’. If we can’t procure our rights through HONEST debate, maybe we don’t deserve them.

  • Peter Rock Favazza

    When JFK announced his Civil Rights Bill, the SAME people who reject gay equality today were in an uproar over JFK’s proposal. Yet it is clear that JFK would have won the election anyway as he was facing Barry Goldwater who was considered too radical on foreign policy matters, among other things. I feel the same about BHO as he is more popular than people think, has demonstrated that he cares about the average American and shows disdain for the super rich who only want more tax cuts to pad their already overflowing coffers, plus the alternative is just as scary as Goldwater was. I must note however that Barry Goldwater in his later years did a 180 and reversed all his opinions on gay rights and even went to war with the religious right, saying in no uncertain terms that folks like Pat Robertson and other right wing preachers were going to destroy the Republican Party. Well, the Republican Party is on life support and the prognosis isn’t encouraging. Good for you, the other Barry.

  • tlbuffin

    @Kyle412: Black wrote the screenplay and won the Oscar for it. Perhaps you are the one needing to do some research,

  • tlbuffin

    @gary: That comment is thee reason why I won’t be commenting here ever again. I have enough of silly empty headed snarky ass queens to last me the rest of my life.

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