EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Of Orlando Speaks Directly To LGBTQ Community At Logo’s “Trailblazers”


As part of Logo’s annual Trailblazers Honors, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer recorded a statement directly to the LGBTQ community, expressing support and reaffirming that acts love and kindness have the power to heal, even in the face of tragedy.

“In Orlando we’re proud to be an inclusive community that embraces diversity and equality,” Mayor Dyer says. “This makes it even more difficult to understand why someone would attack our very way of life.”

He continues: “In the hours and days since the horrific attack, we saw our community, our nation and the entire world, wrap Orlando in their love. Thousands lined the streets to donate blood, volunteered their time, attended vigils, and donated funds to support the victims, their families and the businesses that have been affected by this horrific crime.

All of these acts have shown that we will not be a community defined by a single act of hate, but rather a community that came together to love and support one another in our darkest hour.”

Watch the segment below, and head here for more information on the Trailblazers Honors: