Progress! Facebook to Meet With Drag Queens to Prevent In-Person Protest

Sister Roma Drag Queen Facebook Protest Real Name Change Guidelines
Image Credit: Sister Roma – Jose A Guzman Colon / Protest – CVNewspaper

Even as you read this, Facebook continues to enforce their real name policy by forcing drag queens (among many others) to change their profiles names to their legal names. But Sister Roma (pictured above) is not letting this “attack” happen without fighting back. (Read the pre-story.)

Late Sunday night, Sister Roma (who under Facebook’s guidelines is now going by “Michael Williams”) declared “We are mobilizing!” in a status update announcing a planned protest at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.


Less then 24 hours after this initial announcement, in which an event page had also been created, Sister Roma returned with a very surprising status update…


Talk about quick progress! Facebook’s decision to intervene so quickly is a smart decision on their part because not only will it help to ease the minds of protesters, but it should also help to prevent negative press coverage that would be guaranteed to go viral and receive international attention from all types of media outlets.

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We will continue to keep you updated at this story unfolds and new information becomes available.

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