Family Research Institute Chief: Obama’s Probably Gay, Wants Our Kids To Be Gay Too

Today in the world of cuckoo statements from heads of certified hate groups: Family Research Institute chief Paul Cameron claims that Obama has probably “participated in homosexual acts,” notes Right Wing Watch.

Cameron also says Obama’s now complicit with a movement that wants “every little boy and girl” to give homosexuality a try. Said Cameron on Crosstalk, a Christian radio show:

Homosexuality is the one sin, or the one habit, that is 24/7. It is homosexuality all the time. And actually, while I’m not sure about the claims by the various people who have reported that Obama has at least participated at times with them in homosexual acts, this certainly lends some credence.

Ah, yes, “the various people.” The Various People are always spreading weird gossip about me, too. Like, that I totally cheated on my boyfriend with that other dude on Fire Island last summer. And that they definitely saw me at McDonald’s getting two Big Macs the other day. The Various People are always trying to take me down.

Cameron continues to say that the gay agenda is all about forcing the homosexual lifestyle upon unwitting children, all but calling him a pedophile:

Mark my words clearly; the long term goal of the homosexual movement is to get every little boy to grab his ankles and every little girl to give it a try. They will not rest until every one of our children at least gets to try, has the opportunity and maybe is forced to at least once experience homosexual acts. There is no retreating from that, they made it very clear earlier on—now they don’t take about it—but that’s what they want, they will not be happy until they get it, marriage is just a step along the way.

The old slippery slope argument: first it’s gay marriage, next it’s gays raping children openly at school as part of Phys Ed. It almost makes too much sense.

Photo: Thom Hartmann Program

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  • Cam

    Multiple studies have shown that these homophobic folks that constantly think about gays are usually all closet cases who hate that aspect of themselves. (George Rekers Anybody?)

    Again, to this guy, the biggest insult he can lob is that Obama “Might be gay”. Sorry, but this guy SCREAMS self hating closet case.

  • rev fartwell 69

    I bet paul cameron is a severely repressed homosexual

  • Marie Cohn

    Thanks, Newsweek (and ol’ Milky Loads, especially) for opening up the sewage gate!

  • Cave Man

    Hey, he’s only repeating what Newsweek recently announced to the world: that Obama is the country’s first gay president.

  • Mikel D McGrew

    It is always interesting – and somewhat tragic – when hate groups start accusing actual individuals of acts they consider sinful. Of course THEIR acts of slander, malicious gossip, innuendo and stone casting, are not sinful because they are Christians. What a crock!

  • jessica

    Yippee fucking doo dah. It’s a sin. So what? Maybe I’m not your religion, maybe he’s not your religion. Does that mean you’re going to go to hell? No it doesn’t, so shut up and mind your own business. People act like they’re all going to go to hell if they don’t share opinions and make people agree with them but that’s just not true. People need to open their minds more and see that. You wanna hate gay love because you’re a Catholic? Go ahead. You don’t have to be gay, but I’m not you so you shouldn’t give a damn what I do. I honestly don’t understand what goes through people’s heads sometimes. There’s no logic behind this hate.

  • Christopher J Hagenmeier

    I am sure there is many comments in favor or discussed over this article. I think wether you are a Christian or not that what this man says in not Christian. You can’t judge a person or persons. That is there God job, not theres. When a person acts with hate and bigotry instead of kindness this is not Christian and I highly doubt he or she will see the pearly gates. But then again i notice these people do get popular because in general people want to hear hate and bigotry. It justifies the way they feel. This is the worse in Human empathy and acceptance of individuality.

  • BigBlowJob

    It would be nice to think that these ppl are not taken seriously by others. If so, “others” are just in a bed of hell with them. It’s really sad that some ppl conform to these views and [it] makes me take another look around me to see who they are and why they are so…sick. The brain is an organ that should be utilized and strenghtened with exercise just like other body parts. Let yours not go into remission or it will become stagnant and life is not worth living. Guts to OBAMA! Long my he “reign!”


  • elvis singleton

    your constant insanity over obama leads me to believe the family research council, is staffed by a bunch of nuts “closet boy preachers”, looking to find anything to ake there stupidity relevent, “you had your 15 min” someone “gong the preacher and his goat.”

  • Spike

    Apparently there is no longer an ounce of respect for the position of the President of the United States. Nice message being sent to the rest of the free world.

  • andrew

    this is too hilarious

  • Cam

    @Cave Man:

    You have been on every post here badmouthing Obama, but when your hatred of a President is so weirdly pervasive that it leads you to try to offer some sort of defense for this hate group, then you really need to examine yourself.

  • EJC

    This would be such an hysterical point of view if it just wasn’t so sad, he does need to get a life, possibly with a sweet man his own age !

  • Say What...

    Now, now Cam, let’s not be too hard on Cave Man. From the look on Cameron’s face, it’s obvious where CM likes to Spelunk!

  • Big Ben

    You guys wanted a gay president? According to the liberal press, it seems like you got what you wanted—just don’t tell Michelle. However, if you believe that gay marriage is the most pressing issue to America, by all means, vote for the “first gay president” this fall. If it’s more important to you to be able to pay your rent without the benefit of a welfare check, then you need to go with Romney.

  • avesraggiana

    Besides falling on the wrong side of history, is there anything more these groups can do to make themselves to make themselves look totally and completely absurd?

  • streetsmart

    I find it ironic that the only other time I’ve heard the term “grab your ankles” was as a boy attending a private Christian elementary school – that was the term that they used when you were going to be beat – I mean paddled.

  • Cave Man

    @Cam: Okay, Cam, I took your advice and really examined myself, and you know what? I am HOT! Good-looking, well-endowed, beefcake body . . . hell, with looks like mine I’ll have to examine myself more frequently. Thanks for the tip. Now go back to Angryland.

  • streetsmart

    “Homosexuality is the one sin, or the one habit, that is 24/7.” I’m sure this jackass made this comment intending it to be some type of attack or insult. However, what he basically confirmed, whether he meant to or not, is that Homosexuality is genetic – it’s who you are 24/7 you can’t change it as it is exactly the way his “God” intended for you to be. So, thank you Mr. Cameron, for confirming what most of us have been saying all along.

  • Aloanstar

    @Big Ben: You know, BEN, it would help me ecomonically if I was allowed to marry my partner of 12 years. There are so many added benefits which only straight couples take for granted, that I could really use. Insurance and taxes are just two small ones. I would save at least $200 a month just not having to pay the added “marriage penalty” on her health insurace coverage. At least I can add her to my insurance though, because under Romney that would end. I like moving forward not 40 years back.

  • Jesus Henry Christ

    I’m always amazed at how my gay brothers love to criticize us Christians for being intolerant toward homosexuality in the political realm, but you love to defend the Muslims who actually want you to die. I’ll state it again: Christians may find your exploits sinful, but they don’t want you dead like Islam does. And yet you continue to embrace Islam and slam Christianity. Can anyone explain this to me?

  • Big Ben

    @Aloanstar: And you seem to be under the painfully misguided notion that politicians live up to their promises (we can start with Obama’s “open administration” and his “I’ll close Gitmo” as examples of election lies). Unless you’re 12 or younger, you should know by now that politicians will say ANYthing to get your vote. If you’re an adult and still believe whatever they tell you, then you must be a Democrat.

  • darkmoonman

    “You can’t judge a person or persons. That is there [sic] God job, not theres.”

    Christians’ holy book does admonish against making judgements of other people in both Matthew (7:1-2) and Luke (6:37-38); but I believe that Christians are best judged by their actions and their words, and by that, they are about little more than judgement, hatred, and persecution of others. Those who say they aren’t but stand by silent while their fellows persecute others in the name of Christianity are no better than those who persecute.

  • Ashke

    So now this is the most important topic of the day……seriously? Oh let’s not worry about the poor the homeless the sick the dying the “welfare” cases, instead let’s focus on whether the President is gay or not. Honestly it amazes me how ignorance can make front page have books written and laws made, so much for the land of the free home of the brave where ALL MEN are created equal—All men created equal unless your doing it with a man or poor…….this country is run by a bunch of money hungry hidden agenda having fools and we are the idiots that put them there. Good thing I’m leaving this country then before we gays are going to be required to register as fags……pathetic people really pathetic……’nuf said

  • darkmoonman

    “Christians may find your exploits sinful, but they don’t want you dead …”

    Personal experience says that you are wrong. They may not en-mass publicly admit it, but plenty of them do want us dead. I grew up in the Deep South and I know first hand how violent Christians are toward Gays.

    And, BTW, I don’t tolerate the same hatred coming from Muslems, but my nation is run by Christians, so yes, it is Christians whom I will expose for their hatred.

  • Patriotic Patrick

    @Ashke: Don’t let the American door hit you in the ass on your way out (on second thought, please do allow it to hit you in the ass—hard). And don’t send any postcards, because we don’t care where you’ve gone.

  • Jaack65

    To give credence to this LIAR willing to say anything anti-gay just to get published is offensive. He has spewed too much hate already. The Canadian Psychological Association stated Paul Cameron ” consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented research on sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism”. Cameron was expelled from American Psychological Association, in December 1983, because of violation of the Preamble of the Ethical Principals of Psychologists. His testimony in court has been discredited too. So anyone who give this guy ANYTHING but disgust are fools.

  • Jesus Henry Christ

    @darkmoonman: Again, you rationalize your hatred of Christians, while denying that Muslims want you dead. Yes, we’re a nation based on Christian values, but in our short lifetimes we’ve seen that influence dwindle more and more. I’m not saying that gays should embrace Christianity, but why on earth (besides for the sake of political correctness) are they defending a group who literally wants us to die?

  • robbie

    methinks it takes one to know one…….even when his fascist riddled bigotry has caused him to ‘get it wrong’ out of sheer political expediency, while hoping, that, ( if I am right ), no one will ever call his bluff.

  • jackpapa

    There appears to be no depth to which these hateful people will not stoop. Ironically, this posture presents their hindquarters in the most inviting position for play. Accident? Um….no, no accident there…

  • lubbockgaymale

    Those that shout loudest and hardest are those with something to hide!

  • Daniel

    No, I am not obsessed about having a gay President but it is good for everyone in America if we have a President who represents ALL the People which President Obama is trying to do. As to voting for Mitt the Sh– Romney I made the decision NOT to vote for him long before President Obama’s announcement on Same Sex Marriage. Romney is an ultra rich politician who could care less about the poor, he announced that himself in an interview, or the middle class. All you have to do is read his record at Bain and what he says he will do about taxes: CUT THEM FOR THE RICH!

  • Jon

    Maybe the people who are part of the Family Research Institute should do more research on why they sound so ignorant and out of touch with the real world.

  • Bay-O-Wolf

    @robbie: You got that right.
    @Daniel: Oh Daniel, your delusion that Obama is in our corner is downright quaint. Time to drop those rose-colored shades and see the real world.

  • R.A.

    Damn, that old quack Cameron isn’t dead yet?

  • Ken in Florida

    @Jesus Henry Christ: I have had to deal with people all my life. Hopefully you will burn in hell for your beliefs. Then I can have the last laugh!

  • BigBlowJob

    @Cave Man: You seem to be “idolizing” yourself. Do U not know that is a sin according to the bible. So thought…

  • BigBlowJob

    @streetsmart: |||_BRAVO!_||| >Sound of hands clapping<.

  • BigBlowJob

    @Jesus Henry Christ: WHAT planet R U from? Evidently NOT the 3rd one…[and I mean that nicely…]

  • Cam

    @Cave Man: said..

    “@Cam: Okay, Cam, I took your advice and really examined myself, and you know what? I am HOT! Good-looking, well-endowed, beefcake body . . . hell, with looks like mine I’ll have to examine myself more frequently. Thanks for the tip. Now go back to Angryland.”


    What a shock, not one descriptor you used was along the lines of “Clever” or “Perceptive”. So since you seem to not have comprehension skills I’ll repeat. “You have been on every post here badmouthing Obama, but when your hatred of a President is so weirdly pervasive that it leads you to try to offer some sort of defense for this hate group, then you really need to examine yourself.”

  • Tony

    What a stupid shit. Another ignorant moron.

  • James M. Martin

    This poor demented dear is certifiably insane, regurgitating stereotypes that went out with Judy Garland. His sappy pronouncements on what gay people do in the sack are so ignorant you’d swear he didn’t even read Dr. Rubin’s silly sex book, so he isn’t even aware that all gays engage in frottage and little else. The problem as I see it is that these people have their enablers in mainstream religious circles, e.g. Catholicism, represented by the openly gay Andrew Sullivan. Gay Catholic ought to be seen as oxymoronic, given the pronouncements from the dizzyingly homophobic priesthood, some of whom visit their closeted urges on small boys. I understand there is a rock somewhere that needs to be crawled back under.

  • JON

    @Jesus Henry Christ:
    I always wondered what the ‘H’ stood for. Thanks!

  • V B

    Paul Cameron has been totallyd discredited by every major psychological association in the country, and was even kicked out of some of them for misrepresenting data. He also spent a lot of time during the 90s trying to convince people that AIDS could be spread by Mosquitos.

    Reports back in that time period were that he kicked out his gay son.

    Damn! He’s older than dirt! I thought he would be dead by now.

  • AaronT

    @James M. Martin: Let’s be clear. Priests who molest young boys are NOT closeted gays. They are pedophiles. Pedophilia is not about gender or “sexuality”, it’s about being in a position of power and abusing a child.

  • B

    I wonder how many of Paul Cameron’s “various people” also claim to have been abducted by space aliens.

  • Darklady

    Does the Family Research Institute’s members EVER stop thinking about sex with kids?

  • robbieoros

    OH MY! all of u talking and commenting on a topic u have no background info on barry dunham.
    those of us who attended high school with barry dunham all have the same impression of him now as we did then at Punahou Prep School in Honolulu, HI. 96822.
    Barry’s best friend then as is now is a guy by the name of Bobby Titwell…you would be well served in finding back articles at the Honolulu Star Bulletin or the Honolulu Advertiser on police reports on Robert titwell. or for that matter if u don’t know who Barry dunham is, Google Barry dunham as well and get ramped up on the many names used by Barack Obama and his 23 aliases.
    Recently bobby was arrested in Honolulu, the first person he called was Barry at the WH..and the police had no idea who this Barry guy is or was…when Barry is in Honolulu, most of the time Barry and bobby are golfing, dinners, fishing etc…bobby last i heard worked at HNL Intl at UAL as a baggage guy for 12.00 per hour and is part time…but maintains a 3 million dollar home on the North Shore of Oahu…this should give any gay guy pause…given they have read the police reports on bobby…and they are modified/changed from male prostitution to solicitation…

  • Ashke

    @Patriotic Patrick: hmmmmmm someone got their panties in a bunch. Just proves my point that ignorance is rampant in this country. Moving to Canada is a good choice because there they don’t hate gays or stand on their soap boxes and don’t hide behind a storybook called the bible. Get over yourself and learn to let people say what they think without proving my point……..

  • randy

    @Jesus Henry Christ: Really? Who here has “embraced” Islam? I think you might be dilusional.

  • Genevieve Ali

    Again, to this guy, the biggest insult he can lob is that Obama “Might be gay”. Sorry, but this guy SCREAMS self hating closet case.
    Whoa Cam… me again. Still angry I see & spitting at the world, chill out, you make some very valid points, but this one….INSULT.???? Obama might be gay… is an INSULT.???
    Obama is NOT GAY, anyone with gaydar would know that & thats not meant as an insult.
    Paul Cameron though, what a piece of work, he is NOT a closet, I would rather die than associate him in any way with being gay, he is NOT one of us.!!
    His comments about little boys & girls, dirty socks & mentally deranged….. BINGO.!!
    The piece of shit is a pedo.!! Thats why he works in Family research, he has unlimited access to little kids.
    Somebody, please, OUT this sick fuck & watch the avalanche of claims from victims all over the country.

    Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/family-research-institute-chief-obamas-probably-gay-wants-our-kids-to-be-gay-too-20120516/#ixzz1v5oMYwVf

  • B

    Re No. 49 · a google search for Bobby Titwell Hawaii results in Google searching
    for Bobby Tidwell Hawaii (guess Google never heard of a Bobby Titwell in Hawaii)
    and nothing interesting shows up in the first few pages Google provides.

    If you have any links, why don’t you provide them?

  • Jeff

    Those who protest too much usually are! I wouldn’t be surprised if he has caught in a “wide stance” like Larry Craig!!!

  • Gay Bacon

    I like Big Ben’s ad hominem rebuttal to aloanstar’s claim that supporting President Obama would be financially beneficial to gays: you must have the intelligence of a 12 year old and be Democrats! Wah!!

    Lol dude Obama tried to close Git Mo. In fact like 3 days after being sworn in he issued an executive order to close it but congress blocked his order. So then he proposed sending them to a state of the art facility in the states but the republicans waged a media war on him saying if they went to that prison, tax payers would be paying for their meals, etc etc. like we already don’t…

    Big Ben, you just aren’t informed and reading opinion articles on politics won’t help you either. So shut up, and suk on some Gay Bacon!

  • Chris

    I can’t wait for time to kindly take these people away from us….. Nature will run its course and they will die. Ahhhh… exciting times. I wonder what the next 3 generations are gonna be known for. I hope not this crap. It still shocks me that this is such a big deal, speculating on sexuality, but I guess most of us had our whole lives to figure out it doesn’t need to be.

  • DragonScorpion

    “There is no retreating from that, they made it very clear earlier on—now they don’t take [sic] about it—but that’s what they want” ~ Paul Cameron

    Interesting. We don’t talk about it, yet we’ve made it very clear. That’s a neat trick.

    You know, there is something seriously creepy about an old fire-breathing coot who sits around dreaming up imagery like little boys grabbing their ankles…

  • streetsmart

    @Big Ben: You got that right – sort of like Bush promising to put prayer back in school, stop abortion and make flag burning illegal … pandering to the base isn’t confined to one party – both are equally guilty.

  • Mark Keesling

    This man sounds like a creep. Stating the things he did, make me wonder about him being a pedophile. Me thinks he protest thee far too much!

  • robbieoros

    @B: i am sorry, i mistyped bobby’s last name its tidwell.
    i found a number of comments on various pages from myspace, facebook (i think it was facebook) on comments he has made regarding barry aka barack obama.
    looked for his news in the honolulu advertiser and bulletin and couldn’t find anything.
    tho i clearly remember reading the story as it was unfolding that night, and it was last year…and i believe it was the same week there was a tornado in honolulu, for it was the first one ever as i recall, and someone had caught the two twisters on the ocean in waikiki its was just amazing with all the lightning.
    i have contacted my brother in honolulu he certainly will have the info he has a pulse on honolulu he is in real estate, which has been the family business for 50 yrs plus.
    when i get any links i will post them immediately.

  • Mike Preston

    Who the heck is this imbicile and what gives him the right to spread hate and fear in the name of God to further his personal agenda. I only hope and pray that God in all Her infinite glory can forgive this very sick, sick, sick man.

  • Jorval

    @Jesus Henry Christ:

    I’ll be more than happy to explain it to you…..

    Okay, see, we live in a country where the MAJORITY are Christians. Muslims, you see, are in the MINORITY. Because Muslims are in the minority, they are unable to ram their religious beliefs down the country by passing legislation.

    Now this is a difficult concept to understand, but please bear with me…

    There are many different Christian faiths in the United States – Catholics, Greek Orthodox. Russian Orthodox, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists (there are so many I don’t have the time or inclination to list them all, but you can look it up yourself!)

    Some Christians (NOT ALL) have become a hateful bunch of zealots, and unfortunately because they generally scream the loudest, the Republican party caters to them for votes. This has been going on for decades with the GOP and over time the Christian Zealots portion of the GOP has hijacked the party. They’ve done their best to push most of the moderates out of the GOP.

    Armed with their Bibles, the GOP Christian zealots spew their social conservatism, picking and choosing whatever portion of the Bible is most convenient for them at that moment. Christianity is supposed to be about love, but you’d never know it from hearing these ones! In their Bible Jesus preached in favor of intolerance, hatred, greed, and asked his followers to be selfish, uncompassionate and judgemental.

    And because this bunch SCREAMS the loudest, they have come to represent what Christianity has turned into in this country.

    And the Muslims? They’re just not loud enough and don’t have any clout and therefore are neither noteworthy or considered a threat.

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