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Family Ties Mom Meredith Baxter Comes Out

Let’s be honest: It’s not terribly shocking to learn Meredith Baxter, who played mama Elyse Keaton on the 80s sitcom Family Ties, is gay.


The actress — who’s been married three times, has five kids, and says she realized she was gay seven years ago — came out this morning on Today after the National Enquirer, ever the beacon of journalism, published a sighting of her last month on a gay Caribbean Sweet cruise. Thereafter, a celebrity blog post pictured of her with her girlfriend.

And to Matt Lauer’s feet she ran — though girlfriend Nancy Locke didn’t come to the show. Because she’s still hoping to keep some level of privacy. Uh huh. (Nancy is already out.)

But now that she’s out? She’s gonna be your next civil rights hero! “This is a political act, even though that’s not what it feels like to me. If anyone knows someone who’s gay or lesbian … they’re less likely to vote against them to take away their rights. I can be that lesbian you know now.”

Welcome to the (public) team, Meredith.