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Florida Treated to 1-Hour Infomercial on Homosexual Activist Agenda


The American Family Association wanted to celebrate gay pride with an hour-long infomercial that painted gay people as disgusting family destroyers. Some folks had a problem with this.

Donald Wildmon’s AFA, which proudly traffics in hate and lies, was so jazzed about St. Petersburg Pride (reportedly Florida’s largest gay pride celebration) that it wanted to treat viewers of NBC affiliate WFLA-8 to a full hour of misinformation. Speechless: Silencing the Christians is an in-depth look at the radical homosexual activist agenda, and how they are ruining Christian families! Naturally, those annoying homosexual activist groups didn’t like the sound of this, and started complaining.


Luckily, you can’t hold down the AFA! Through the power of the Internet, you can watch the whole program here. And yes, this looks to be a repackaging of the Family Research Council’s own Hate Crime Laws: Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians.

And for the record, the girl on the left who appears in the video … is an ex-lesbian.