Focus on Family’s Focus on Prop. 8 Forces Major Layoffs

At least one major Yes on 8 contributor is regretting spending the piggy bank on defeating marriage equality in California. After dumping $539,000 in the coffers of the Yes on 8 campaign as well as an additional $83,000 in non-monetary support, James Dobson’s Colorado Springs-based Focus on Family organization announced today that it was cutting 202 jobs, raising the total number of layoffs this year to 950.

Mark Lewis, a Colorado Springs resident who organized a No on 8 protest this past Saturday said:

“If I were their membership I would be appalled that [Focus on the Family] would spend any money on anything that’s obviously going to get blocked in the courts is just sad. [Prop. 8] is guaranteed to lose, in the long run it doesn’t have a chance – it’s just a waste of money.”

While the 7th largest contributor to the Yes on 8 Campaign, Focus has seen better days. Their Christian book, CD & DVD sales have slashed by competition with big box store like Wal-Mart and has laid off employees for the last three years in a row.

This is so so sad. Oh, wait, it’s awesome! Perhaps the laid-off workers will find new jobs in California– and as they’re asking if you would like fries with that, at least they’ll be secure in the knowledge that their shitty minimum-wage lifestyle is protected from the dark, dank horrors of gay marriage.