Former Ex-Gay Leader Denounces Exodus, Officiates Wedding For Gay Couple

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Here’s a lesson for any social conservative out there who knows deep down that their beliefs are utter hogwash but is too scared or stubborn to “come out” as a rational human being: it’s OK!

You can drop the act.

While we can’t say we won’t hold someone’s antigay past against them, transformation is always possible, and ironically, these folk actually have the power to affect the most change in their communities. Everyone loves a good comeback story (hang in there Anne Hathaway).

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Meet Wendy Gritter, for instance.

For years, Wendy led the ex-gay ministry New Direction (an affiliate of Exodus International), not to be confused with the pseudo-gay One Direction.

Her mission was to cure gay people, but she soon realized she was doing more harm than good, which isn’t really a fair statement as it implies she was doing some good to begin with.

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She put the pieces together — you’ve got this, Wendy! — and publicly apologized for all the harm she’s done. Now she’s working to right her wrongs.

“It was kind of a mindfuck to realize the thing I was leading had traumatized people to the point of suicidal ideation,” she says in the below video.

She also started swearing, and officiating gay weddings. Dreams really do come true.

Watch more of her story below: