WATCH: Alan Chambers Explains Why Exodus International Didn’t Work

Alan Chambers, the controversial former president of Exodus International, continues his public mea culpa and has now revealed the reason he believes the now-defunct ex-gay ministry failed.

In an interview with Relevant magazine, Chambers has shed light on how he became involved with the ex-gay movement and how his views have changed since the closure of Exodus.

Perhaps most telling is Chambers’ remarks about what went wrong with the church’s mission.

“We’re a group of people who were ostracized and marginalized…who were looking for support and affirmation and encouragement,” Chambers said. “The support and affirmation and encouragement and the promotion we got from the church was change is possible. You run with that message and we’ll support you. It’s neat and it’s tidy so we ran with it. That’s not to say it wasn’t true in our lives. The reason it didn’t work is because they promoted my story as the story. We promoted marriage and heterosexuality and wholeness and change ambiguously as the message of Exodus and the message of Jesus for gay people. The reason it didn’t work is because that’s not the message of Jesus for gay people. The message of Jesus for gay people and straight people and anyone else is I can have a relationship with anyone. He died for all of us or he died for none of us.”

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