Four Arrested After Attack On Gay Youth Shelter

Looking to start your day with some disgusting news? Well, you’re in luck, because four New York teens have been arrested after attacking a gay youth shelter.

Carmen’s Place, located in Queens, caters specifically to marginalized and alienated and often homeless young queers who have no where else to go. Apparently some of the neighborhood doesn’t approve, because the kids and staff are repeatedly subject to taunts, pushing and the such.

This week’s incident definitely went a bit further, with a gang of four approaching the shelter, which is housed in a church, and attempting to cause some unholy trouble. Director Reverend Louis Braxton Jr. attempted to stop the madness, but got caught in the crossfire…

The priest, the Rev. Louis Braxton Jr., said he was returning to the shelter, Carmen’s Place, on Steinway Street in Astoria, about 10:30 on Monday night when he saw a group of youths hit a resident on the head with a bag of garbage.

Father Braxton, an Episcopal priest who is the shelter’s director, said he shouted at the attackers and they fled. But four youths returned soon after holding a paint bucket, a miter box, steel brackets and a belt. By then other shelter residents had gathered outside, Father Braxton said.

Two residents of Carmen’s Place argued with the four and were punched in the face and body, Kevin Ryan, a spokesman for the Queens district attorney’s office, said.

Father Braxton was treated for minor cuts and bruises at Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens, the police said.

All of the suspects are under eighteen and face, among other things, assault charges. See? We told you it was a disgusting story!