NY Fashion Week

Four Gay Fashion Designers And Their Boy-Toy Boyfriends

Once upon a time, you couldn’t be an out homosexual even in a tres-gay profession like fashion. Seriously—designers had to either marry or present themselves as fussy confirmed bachelors. (Even Calvin Klein tied the knot with a lady person.)

Nowadays, its assumed if you putting clothes on the runway, you’re putting your pecker in some dude. Even Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger wants to set Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs up together. (America’s Next Top Model Jay Manuel thinks that’d be a disaster. He told Queerty, “[Tom’]s so particular and fussy, and between him and Marc Jacobs, the two of them, such control freaks—it wouldn’t work.”)

New York Fashion Week just kicked off—and Valentine’s Dayis right around the corner—so we decided to take a look at five top New York designers and the sexy younger dudes they’ve shared their bed with.

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Photos: Jason Preston, Harry Louis