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Four Gay Fashion Designers And Their Boy-Toy Boyfriends


Teutonic style god Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinions—he recently called out Adele for being “a little too fat”—but he’s a little closer-to-the-vest when it comes to his men. He’s been connected to his “muse,” 23-year-old Baptiste Giabiconi, whom he described as a boy version of Gisele Bündchen: “skinny, skinny but with an athletic body—good for clothes.” There was even a rumor they were gonna be married this summer, but we’re pretty sure that was a joke. The detail about Lagerfeld ditching Chanel and moving to Vermont was kind of a giveaway.


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  • Keith

    Am I the only person who thinks that Calvin Klein is only dating Nick Gruber because they look alike…or rather, Nick looks like what Calvin looked like nearly 50 years ago. I have heard many stories about Calvin Klein’s ego, so I can totally see him wanting to date someone who looks like a younger version of himself.

  • CBRad

    @Keith: Calvin also wanted Gruber as the dream gentile version of himself.

  • lika

    Klein looks like he’s the “After” picture in an ad campaign “You’re a Hot Meth!”

  • MEJ

    Michael Kors and Lance LaPere are the only people who look like a normal, down to earth couple.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @ Dan Avery

    Queerty Headline: Four Gay Fashion Designers and Their Boy-Toy boyfriends


    Queerty Comment: We wouldn’t put Michael Kors in the same category as Jacobs, Lagerfeld and Klein

    ….and yet you do.

  • divkid

    the only one i’d do is that lance guy becuse in that pic he looks for all the world like a gay gerard butler, if that’s not a tautology. please god that is a tautology.
    i likey a lotty.

  • Mudduck

    Snide can make for jazzy copy, but it warps the discussion

    First: Putting peckers in dudes looks like fun in porn, but surveys indicate that only about half of gay guys do it. Why buy into the right-wing meme that gays are all about fucking? There are lots of ways to get close.

    Second: Maybe not these, but some “boy toys” are spouses with staying power. I was 27 when my husband was born, and we’ve been together since he asked me out on a date 29 years ago. Differences in age are just another factor that makes relationship interesting — lots of gay couples are from different class or ethnic backgrounds.

    Third: Yeah, I’m suspicious of couples who seem to have looked into a mirror and fallen in love — but whatever works. Love is a mystery.

  • divkid

    these young’uns will be lucky to avoid ending up down a dark pit enduring harsh entreaties to take the bottle out of the bucket and put the lotion on the skin.

  • eames

    “…Once upon a time famed designer Calvin Klein was married—to a woman named Kelly. (Yes, it’s true!)”

    and many years before that, Calvin’s first wife, Joan, gave birth to their daughter, Marci, who is now an executive producer at SNL. (yes, it’s true!)

  • ChristopherM

    The newest scent: Calvin Klein Desperation.

  • CBRad

    @eames: And AIDS was making Calvin do everything he could (because of savvy business practice, or was it personal?) to separate himself from anything gay and present himself as a straight man.

  • Eric

    Another reason hooking Tom and Marc up wouldn’t work… Tom and his partner have been together since 1986! Good grief, show some respect.

  • jj

    Kind of ashamed to know this, but a couple years ago i was browsing on seekingarrangement and i saw the profile of calvin klein(it was definitely him because he had paid the 500$ to be net worth verified) and i took one look at his photos and said i wouldnt fuck that for all the money in the world…. /truestory

  • Isaac C

    @Mudduck: You should be ashamed of yourself, dating an infant. He is young enough to be your child. Heaven help both of you.

  • shannon


  • Fred

    8:57 AM – I see this piece on Queerty and click on it.

    8:58 AM – I decide to go through the whole piece, and predict that not only will snarky comments be made in the piece, but then the comments section will be a series of bitter, nasty comments worthy of gay-hatingright wing conservatives.

    9:00 AM – predictions all confirmed by comment 4 – “Michael Kors and Lance LaPere are the only people who look like a normal, down to earth couple.”

    Why can’t we leave each other alone? Why to gays continually beat up on each other as bad as straight people beat up on us? I’m 57 years old and have a wonderful husband of 25 years, but if I didn’t, do you think I would say no to any of these younger men, even for a summer?

  • divkid

    good for you buddy. i’m glad you have a wonderful partner. and if you were not so fixed, far from blame you, why, i’d shake your hand for bagging you a young huney. (but not gruber ‘cos he fuuunny lukin’).

    please believe me, most of this is all about the lulz and dies when we hit the power off button on our laptops.

    but some, (no14) issac c, for example, i feel cross a line into personal abuse, and portent the psychology of one already hatching real-world intrigues of hateful destructiveness from their moms basement whilst wearing a hockey mask and wanking into a sock. but whatevs. matters of taste are notoriously hard to call. probably a good thing too.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    Thank you Queerty and commenters for joining right-wing conservatives in determining what is and is not a valid relationship. It’s comforting to know that people who don’t even know us will be able to judge our relationships and show us the error of our ways. Thank you for policing our personal lives.

    The LGBT Celebrities

  • ggreen

    Money cant buy you love but these queens sure can rent it!

  • Isaac C

    @divkid: Yes because one must apparently post from their mother’s basement to protest the tragedy and complete immorality of dating someone young enough to be one’s (grand?)son. Do I follow your logic, assuming there’s any to be found in your comment? And this is not a matter of taste, hon, it’s a matter of principle. Do you understand the difference?

    That being said, if you can’t address me directly, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t bother commenting on my post at all. It’s a bit dis*taste*ful when I have to read about myself in your responses to others.

  • MikeE

    @Isaac C: you apparently don’t understand the matter of principle and especially that of “morality”.

    how is dating a younger person “immoral”?

    your shrieking piercing cries of admonition against those with younger partners (or younger men with older partners) reek of religious fundamentalism.

    You really have some serious personal issues that you should see someone about.

  • Isaac C

    @MikeE: You were the one supporting a religious homophobe in another Queerty thread because he apparently does not want to “impose his beliefs” on the gay community while he secretly thinks we’re deviant perverts. And you are here telling me I have personal issues?

    I should not have to explain why dating someone young enough to be your child or, worse yet, grandchild is immoral. How can you explain or measure morality? You can’t. It comes down to a sense of decency. You either get it or you don’t. I’m not shrieking and I personally don’t even care whose cradle you choose to rob, but don’t try to convince me that there aren’t serious issues of self-esteem and exploitation involved. I don’t want to hear it.

    But I guess any kind of protesting must mean the person is 1) Posting from there mother’s basement, and/or 2) a religious fundamentalist nutcase. I wonder what you and others will come up with next on this list of random and meaningless accusations.

  • Isaac C

    @Isaac C: *Posting from their…

  • Joel

    @MEJ: Could not agree more! The other couples look CREEPY as hell … this is frightening.

  • Joel

    World’s creepiest article … Pedophiles R Us

  • Bob

    A “pedophile” is a post-pubescent human who is sexually attracted to “children.” A “child” is a pre-pubescent human. A 90-year-old man who is screwing a 17 or even a 16-year-old boy is not a “pedophile” no matter how shocked, hurt and indignant we feel about it. Please stop using that word to describe EVERYTHING you disapprove of or that makes you even slightly uncomfortable.

  • Mudduck

    Issac @ 13: Did you miss the part where HE dated ME? He’s in his 50s now — I think we’re legal.

  • Catherine

    Some very intelligent and savvy designers making the same neurotic choices in relationships as most other people. I’d rather not know their personal business.
    Aside from that, is Lagerfeld real?

  • HT


    “is Lagerfeld real?”

    No, he came from the same plastic factory as Calista Gingrich.

  • peterlove24

    I always see the porn Star Harry Lewis waiting to collect his antivirus in Soho 56 Dean street.

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