In distress

#FreeMelania movement gains momentum with these hilariously depressing memes

Woe is Melania Trump. No, seriously. We don’t mean that sarcastically. A candid nine second clip of the First Lady having the smile completely wiped off her face by something Donald Trump grumbled at her during the opening prayer of his inauguration began circulating on social media yesterday afternoon and it has everyone talking.

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Bleeding heart liberals across America have quickly taken notice, and a movement is brewing. Putting politics aside, the hashtag #freemelania began trending, with liberals from all corners of the country uploading images, memes, and other messages of support to the First Lady in her dire time of need.

Scroll down for our favorite #freemelania memes so far…


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This is supposed to be a happy occasion right? #freemelania

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#whodidthis #freemelania #portland

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#FreeMelania From @tamerkat

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She just wanted a sugar daddy and now she the damn First Lady!!!! #freemelania

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You can tell so much about a person based on their body language. #freemelania

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#alternativefacts #freemelania

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#awkward . And now The end is near And so I face The final curtain . 1) #fucktrump . 2) The beginning of "My Way" is kind of dour. The sentiment, geez, the actual wording even, is kind of not what @realdonaldtrump wanted to project / say, right? . 3) "My Way" as a song kinda tells the story of how things go wrong and a guy has a shitty life, but, you know what? He did things and lived his life "his way," so fuck all y'all. He'll take a crap life and crap outcomes as long as he doesn't have to bow to others. Isn't that what the song is about? . 4) The whole dance was really really awkward. Melania's body language. Wow. Watch the whole First Dance of the First Inaugural Ball. (The short lip-sync session is golden.) . 5) oh yeah… and #fucktrump . #firstdance #inauguralball #trump #melania #help #bodylanguage #myway #fuckhate

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#womensmarch #womensmarch2017 #womensmarchnyc #melania #trump #nyc #manhattan #protest

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I'm sorry I know this is repost but it's just too funny ??? #freemelania

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