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Gawker’s Rooftop Pride Party is Going to be Super-Gay, Especially if you Show up

Hey, got any Pride plans? Why don’t you spend it up on Gawker’s roof?

Yup, they’re selling party tickets to the public, which means anyone can attend. Except that they’re $200 a pop, so anyone but poor people.

It’s for a good cause, though! Gawkerer Brian Moylan explained to Marriage News Watch that proceeds from the party will go to the coalition pushing for marriage in New York right now. Since the party comes just two days after the deadline for passing the marriage bill, we’ll either be celebrating a big success or a getting super-trashed and trying not to think about having to do this all again next year.

So anyway, drop ’em a line if you’ve got $200 that you’d like to spend on a good cause, rather than porn, like you usually do.