Gay adult film star rushed to emergency room following complications from brain surgery

An adult film star is in the ICU with life-threatening injuries following brain surgery complications.

Jimmy Durano, who has appeared in 15 productions, suffered an unspecified “serious accident” that required brain surgery.

As part of the procedure, doctors removed a portion of his skull and because of swelling, have not yet been able to replace it.

On a GoFundMe page set up to help with medical costs, family friend Larry Mendelson says Jimmy must wear a helmet until surgeons can repair his skull.

“After the first surgery and hospital recovery period, he was released to go home but was still in pain. He was doing better, but after being home a while, things got worse. He was in great pain and had further had complications so he was taken back to the emergency room. After further testing it was determined that he had a serious infection. This required a Picc line be inserted to cure the infection,” Larry writes.

He adds:

“It is expected he will be in recovery for at least an additional six months to a year after he is released from the hospital following this second surgery, and will require at least one more surgery and recovery period after that when they replace his skull.

“He will not be able do any of the work he loves so much: dancing, personal appearances, scenes shoots, graphic design. While out of work the medical bills and living expenses are not stopping, nor will they during the additional surgery and hospital stay. It’s not in Jimmy’s optimistic nature to worry, but this time he is scared of what the future could look like.”

Jimmy’s husband, fellow performer Cristian Owen, has stayed by his side throughout the harrowing events.

The GoFundMe has raised over $4,300 of the $15,000 goal.