Police Probe Club, Staffers

Gay Attack At Pacha?

Pacha probably wants to hire a lawyer. Police raided the Ibiza-based club’s New York location after staffers allegedly attacked a gay man over the weekend. In addition to arresting the manager, police also took computers, video equipment and business records. NY Post reports:

Cops seized evidence from clubland hot spot Pacha last night after a gay man was assaulted by staff members over the weekend, authorities said yesterday.

The victim was passed out in the West 46th Street club’s bathroom early Sunday morning when he was allegedly dragged out and assaulted before being thrown out the back door.

A source said that anti-gay slurs were made during the attack, which is being investigated as a hate crime.

Attacking a gay man’s one thing, but doing it while he’s passed out in the toilet? That’s some shit.