Gay Blind Item Madness!

There’s apparently been so much speculation into the identity of that massage-loving actor, Gatecrasher ran an elaboration:

Someone with experience of our often-cited massage-therapist-loving Hollywood star writes in with a description of exactly how he hits on them: “He tells the therapist that he’s had so many massages he’s become an expert – then tries to get him on the table so he can massage him.”

Ew – especially considering that most people have guessed John Travolta. Can’t you just hearing his husky – yet homo – voice, “I’m an expert at massages…”? Gross!

Meanwhile, The Post has this little tid-bit:

Which state legislator is about to come under heavy fire from gay activists because she’s not supporting the gay marriage bill? They say that although her legal residence is in Brooklyn, she really lives with her lesbian partner in Manhattan

And it ain’t Clinton…