Gay “Cannibal” Claims Panic, Reflex

Anthony Morley’s murder trial took a queer turn yesterday.

Morley, a cook and former Mr. Gay UK honoree (pictured), stands accused of killing and cooking his lover, Damian Oldfield, but Morley tells a different tale.

According to him, he had told Oldfield that he wanted to slow the relationship down, but Olfield wasn’t having it and, says Morley, became too sexually forward. Then, feeling threatened, Morley says he went into work mode:

Asked if he could give the jury a rational explanation as to why he killed Mr Oldfield, Morley said: ‘The feeling of betrayal. I don’t know why I went on to kill him at that point, I really don’t.

‘I can only say at some point Damian’s body had just become something I would deal with at work – a piece of meat. That’s the only thing I can think of. That was my daily task, preparing meat.

If only he had a more gentle profession, like a blogger, then Morley could have just written a scathing review, rather than (allegedly) turning all cannibal and shit.