Gay Character Coming To “Once Upon A Time” Or “Wonderland” Spinoff

OUATSan Diego Comic-Con revealed a lot of our favorites movies and TV shows to keep an eye out for, and one in particular to look forward to in the coming months is the addition of a gay character to the Once Upon A Time family.

During the Q&A sessions of the panel for Once Upon A Time and its spinoff. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, a fan asked the table of actors, creators and producers about the possibility of a gay character on one of the series.

U-T San Diego reports that producer Edward Kitsis didn’t hesitate to answer and said while they are only just working on the second episode of the new spinoff, fans of the magical hit TV show franchise can expect a gay character to one of the two shows in the future.

“In the Once universe, there will be a gay character at some point,” Kitsis said. “When we do it, we want to do it right because we respect love and we don’t want to just be checking off a list.”

According to Perez Hilton, during Comic-Con the creators debunked the popular rumor of the characters Emma Swan and the Evil Queen becoming lovers, and then a group of alleged fans accused Jennifer Morrison (Swan) of not supporting the LGBT community.

Morrison took to Facebook to shut down those accusations by saying, “I fully support relationships of all kinds. Heterosexual and homosexual. I am insulted that people read into banter in press situations and assume anything else.”

She shouldn’t have had to say anything, but regardless, we love her even more!