Gay Couple Mastering Yale

Times are changing at Yale.

The 307-year old school’s about to get its first same-sex college masters. Adjunct music professor Richard Lalli (pictured, laughing) and longtime lover Dr. Michael Rigsby are set to rule Jonathan Edwards College, a fitting turn for the couple, who actually met at the legendary university. And it sounds like a pretty sweet gig:

The loss of privacy is one drawback they are bracing for. The trade-off? A more lavish lifestyle. No tattered posters or late night Ramen noodle-fests in the master’s house. Their 10-bedroom mansion comes equipped with fine art, a grand piano and a deluxe kitchen with a dishwasher – a step up from their beach cottage in Madison.

Dish-scrubbing is not the only chore they anticipate losing. A household staff will assume Lalli’s work mowing the lawn and sweeping leaves from the gutters while Rigsby, the better cook, will be able to relax during dinner parties.

Academia never sounded so good…