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Gay Escorts Are Heroes, Saving The Globe From an International Recession (and Boredom)

On Friday night at New York City’s Splash Bar Club Rebel, the Fourth Annual International Escort Awards — better known as The Hookies — were handed out to honor persons in categories like Best Ass, Best Top, Biggest Dick, and Best Tattoos. The brainchild of’s Jeff Davids and Sean Van Sant, The Hookies are a celebration of America’s often illegal participation in the world’s oldest profession. Actually, starting this year, it’s not just the U.S.; it’s an international affair, with escorts from around the world invited to compete in this bloodsport.

At its core, The Hookies are really a small business awards show. Or so Van Sant would have you believe: “So these boys are now running their own Internet business. They are working for themselves. We don’t take any money. People used to work for an agency. We’re not an agency. We don’t take any money or percentage from any business that anyone does. They just post their own ad on Rentboy and then run their own businesses. It’s all in their hands. It’s much more photo-driven now too. If you don’t have a good photo or good text and computer skills, you’re not really going to get the business online.” And who can argue with entrepreneurship?

And really, these guys are heroes: “It does take courage. Everyone loves to put down a sex worker. It’s partly because we as gay men love our porn stars, and we love our hot men. I guess it feels good to put down the guy you can’t have. Everyone wants to gossip, so it takes a lot of courage to put your sexuality out there for everyone to evaluate.”

The winners list is here. And you can be sure Gio, pictured above and who was named Mr. International Escort, just doubled his out-call rates.

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  • terrwill

    What a huge waste of money! Ever hear of Craiglist? Simply place a free ad and you can find as hot or hotter than any of these guys for free……

  • ggreen

    “The best don’t need to advertise”.

  • alan brickman

    the same people who complain about escorts are the same ones who use them….or can’t afford to….

  • scott

    sure it was at splash? i was at f-word and they gave them there too, same night.

  • Andrew

    For goodness sakes escorts are heroes? Good luck to them in pursuing the world’s oldest profession, but I think it is carrying things a litte to far to hand out the hero label. If that is the case what is the label for teachers, nurses etc.

  • terrwill

    @Andrew: I think they ate herosat the awards….. : p

  • terrwill

    ate heros at

  • Andrew

    @terrwill: LOL very clever cheers

  • jeffree

    We learned this a school: when there is demand, there will be supply! I won’t call rentbois heros but they supply valuable services 4 the h0rned up, travelling, undesireable, lonely or timid gents who have more cash than looks or want some QINQ on the side (that means “kink” in stoopid Jeff language!) ;-D

    Agree with Terrwill that a little ad on the craigslist costs nada and gets results!

    “Caution must be exercized” of course. “Some want dinner, some want wine, meet them in a public place so u can see if they are fine.” or have [email protected]$h on hand and dim lightting available!

    not that I am speaking from experience! *OF COURSE*


    Let me see if I got this “straight” there Terrwont

    Spending money on internet porn (even though a huge amount of hot vids/pics exists for free) is a good idea in your book (see your previous comments on internet porn and your helpful ((totally creepy)) tips on how to buy it online safely).

    But yet spending money on professional dick (even though a huge amount of hot dick exists for free) is a bad idea and a total waste of money.

    Hmmmmmmmmm seems to me like you are talking out both sides of that opinionated mouth again there hun.

    That or the bullshit alarm just started howling…..

    So which is it?


  • Male escort

    I like it, very well said

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    I think “heroes” is going a bit far.

  • dic

    i like……

  • frank

    is very very beautiful man

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