Gay Fathers Making It Big

Some gay daddies got editorial love in North Carolina this weekend. Rather than focusing on “mainstream” paternalism, The Asheville Citizen-Times used its front page to feature “unconventional” fathers, like queer couple Brian Alexander and John Brock, who adopted 18-month old Eric after becoming his foster parents:

The couple decided their best route to parenthood was becoming foster parents, fulfilling a need in Buncombe County where there are only about 70 foster homes for 350 children.

Eric has been with the couple from the time he was 6 weeks old.

“He doesn’t know anybody other than us,” Alexander said. “We’re his daddy and papa.”

As two gay men raising a baby, Alexander and Brock have to deal with some prejudice and misunderstanding. But that experience helps them teach their son about tolerance, they said.

If only every father did the same, huh?