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Gay Jews May Be Chosen

Back to the present. Rabbi Jerome Epstein, a key Conservative Jewish leader, will be traveling to the States to discuss a potentially positive new direction for Conservative synagogues: a lift of prohibitions against gay rabbis. During a December vote, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards will likely allow individual congregations to choose whether or not they want to allow gay rabbis or continue discriminating based on archaic Jewish law. Don’t get too excited. This doesn’t mean Conservative Jews necessarily like gay people. The vote is seen by many as the Conservative sects effort to retain members as Orthodox and Reform sects see their numbers grow.

That’s certainly good news for us. But, we wonder: would it be better to have an over-arching ruling declaring homosexuality sinless? While that wouldn’t necessarily force anti-gay congregations to change their minds, it would certainly send a powerful message. Do you, reader, think that religious leaders have the responsibility to dictate how local synagogues – or any type of spiritual community – practice? Sure, it makes sense on the surface, but just imagine if GLAAD stepped in and forced us to write only nice things about gays. Now that’s a scary thought.

Conservative Jews ‘Likely’ to Lift Ban on Gay Rabbis [365 Gay]