David Young Thinks Senator's "Outrageous"

Gay Judge On Larry Craig

Television’s first openly gay judge David Young popped into Larry King Live last night to discuss celebrity trainwrecks. Because, you know, that’s what television judges do. Toward the end of the show, guest host Tony Potts took a second to ask Young what he thinks of Senator Larry Craig’s toilet trolling drama:

Potts: Judge David, let me ask you, you are openly gay. You’re on the bench there. What would you do in the case of presiding other Senator Larry Craig’s effort to withdraw his guilty plea. Would — that fact that you’re also gay, would that lead you to recuse yourself from that at all? How do you handle that issue?

Young: No, I don’t think one’s sexual orientation really has anything to do with it. I think the bottom line is, is there enough legal grounds for him to withdraw his guilty plea? And you’re talking about a person who writes laws. You’re not talking about John Q. Citizen who may have under duress, who may have been having a bad day, acting crazy.

Here’s a lawmaker who mailed in his guilty plea. And he did it to cover it up. The guy is a total hypocrite and I would deny his motion and if I could I’d assess court costs against him for taking up and wasting the court’s time. The man is just outrageous.

Hey…that’s some tough judicial love (“with a snap”.)