Gay-Marriage Foes Face Money Woes, But NOM’s Brian Brown Is Sitting Pretty With $500,000-Plus Salary

nom_logo_brian_brownFar be it from us to relish the financial woes of our enemies, but it appears the campaign to stop same-sex marriage is running out of money, even as one of it’s main proponents takes in a cushy mid-six-figure salary.

Oh who are we kidding–we eat this stuff up!

Reuters reports that, which is defending Prop 8 in the Supreme Court, reported a $2 million shortfall in 2011, the third year in a row it was in the red. The group claims it’s made up its 2011 deficit and that donations in 2012 were down only 3%.

…But it is still $700,000 short in fundraising for its Supreme Court costs, according to a attorney, Andrew Pugno. That message has gone out to donors, with some urgency, as the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments in March in its first thorough review of same-sex marriage.

“Unless the pace of donations starts to pick up right away, we could soon be forced over a financial cliff,” said in an email to donors earlier this month.’s lead outside counsel, Charles Cooper, has not stopped work on the Supreme Court case, although he declined to comment on financial arrangements with clients.

Diminishing donations also means the anti-equality crowd has less to spend on state battles—like the ones they lost in Maryland, Minnesota, Maine and Washington State.

In Washington state, for instance, gay marriage opponents raised $2.8 million, compared with $12.6 million for gay marriage supporters. That’s a dramatic shift from the 2008 electoral battle over California’s Proposition 8, the state’s ban on gay marriage, when took in $40 million to nearly match its opponents, and went on to win.

With the coffers at Inequality ‘R’ Us dwindling, it’s a little surprising to discover that Brian Brown, the grand poobah over at the National Organization for Marriage, is making more than $500,000 a year—even as NOM reports a 25% drop in fundraising.

After considerable effort, former presidential candidate Fred Karger got a copy of NOM’s 2011 501(c)3 tax return and discovered that Brown made serious bank in 2011.

He was paid $230,000 by NOM’s political operation where he claimed to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, and another whopping $230,000 from NOM’s Educational Fund where he claimed to work another 40 hours per week. Add $47,000 in benefits and you have the “Half-Million Dollar Man.”

Hey, go nuts, Brian—give yourself a big fat raise. Hell, bankrupt the place! You deserve the best things in life.

To view NOM’s 2011 Educational Fund 501(c)3 Federal Tax Return, click here

To view NOM’s 2011 Political Organization 501(c)4 Federal Tax Return, click here

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  • Cam

    He just wants to keep collecting donations so they can go to his paycheck.

    The Mormon Church has backed off some of it’s funding because they know that eventually if they kept it up they would be caught, same with the Catholics.

    The truth is, this is a group that got 90% of their funding from 8 donors. They don’t have a base of support out there.

  • JasonMacBride

    If the bigots want to waste their money on this clown it’s fine with me.

  • alexoloughlin

    The schedule of contributors I note omits the names and addresses of donors, a redacted return no doubt for the public. When I worked for a nonprofit under IRS code 501(c) 3, almost identical to NOM’s 501(c)4 tax-exempt status, full names and addresses of donors giving $5000 or more had to be disclosed. This really tell us nothing other than Brown being a greedy scumbag. The donor source is what really matters for without them, NOM wouldn’t exist.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Being an arrogant, ignorant a$$$$hole does have its privileges, right, Brian, et al? Spend, spend, spend yourselves into oblivion!!! Make us proud!

  • Ken

    You spelled “it” wrong. Here is an easy way to avoid embarrassment. These sentences are parallel:

    He’s in his place.
    It’s in its place.

    If you would say he’s, put down it’s. if you’d say his, put down its. You would never write: Hes in hi’s place, so you’ll always get it right.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    A half million dollars to do fuck all. Must be nice.

  • 2eo

    He’d make a killing as the face of haemorrhoids.

  • Daniel-Reader

    When I think of all the gay kids who have died and their grieving families, it sounds like blood money. Evil.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If you examined their lives, I would bet that they are not happy people. Hate is not happy.

  • Atomicrob

    Give him a million dollars…less money to spread his hate message.

  • Harley

    Are you sure it wasn’t the offices of the log cabin repugnant-cans? They should be JUST as ashamed.

  • Charli Girl

    ummm You’d think he’d spend a little $ on his appearance…little pumkin could use some help

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