We’ve been here before. Two queer penguins causing a stir in their NYC zoo by shacking up with one another only to be broken up by some harlot. Was one of them only in his Sean Cody experimental stage? We may never know.

What we do know is that it’s happening all over again, this time in a German zoo with 11 male on male penguin couplings. But this time even a visit by the female Swedish bikini team of Penguins couldn’t tear the queer penguins apart. But what were those zoo folks thinking when sending a woman in to do a man’s job. Yhou wouldn’t send Angelina Jolie to London to break up Elton John and David Furnish, would you?

But this is certainly turning out to be a great week for the gay animal kingdom. What would be even more of a breakthrough would be an interspecies coupling. Some male flamingo on male penguin action is just what the American Family Association to get all wound up over. And you know how much we love to see them get their panties in a bunch.

Female penguins fail to seduce males [The Age]

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