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Gay Soldiers Can’t Be Out on Facebook. White Supremacists? No Problem


Remember when we told you about how the United States of America enacted laws to keep openly gay men and women from protecting the nation, but made no such efforts to keep out and proud white supremacists from serving in the military? Now it turns out that, while a gay soldier would ostensibly be kicked out for announcing his sexuality on his Facebook page, Aryan power nutbags appear to suffer no such consequences for posting their racist hatred on social networks.

The Southern Poverty Law Center told members of Congress this week that racist soldiers not only serve in the military, but they promote themselves on (“a racist version of Facebook run by the National Socialist Movement”) and list their white power and military service right next to each other. Profiles “show a disturbing number of Nazi and Confederate flags, white supremacist language, and identification as active duty members of the U.S. military. One hundred thirty members out of a total 7,906 users list their job as ‘military.’ Member ‘geisler,’ for example, identifies himself as a ‘human resources specialist’ in the Army and says he wants to ‘find a woman I can settle down with and have a nice, WHITE family (unlike some in the army with all the race traitors).'” Above, user “BounceandBurst” posts that he’s “tired of the destruction of our clean white culture and heritage, the poison of black culture in our society, and the illegal invasion of mexico into our sovereign nation.” This “Proud White man” is stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado.


To be sure, white power “enthusiasts” are not new to the military. Nor is notifying legislators and the Pentagon about the problem — or, maybe it isn’t a “problem,” since SPLC notified the Bush administration about the phenomenon; it promptly did nothing about it.

That the military tolerates — and, to hit recruitment quotas, sought after — white supremacists to serve our country is problematic for any number of reasons, ranging from “we should not promote this version of our country to the nations we work with abroad” to “these folks are openly racist and are ordered to serve alongside non-whites.” Which means when it comes to always having a fellow soldier’s back, and never leaving any man behind on the battlefield, you can imagine these rules are “flexible” when it comes to a white supremacist soldier and a black or Hispanic comrade.

In the meantime, military higher-ups still pretend letting gay soldiers serve will 1) inhibit our national security; 2) negatively impact soldiers’ families; 3) violate soldiers’ religious beliefs.

‘Cause gay soldiers are the real culprits here, and not straight — and out — racists.

(SPLC’s fuller letter here; PDF.)

(Screenshot via Stars & Stripes)