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Gay Soldiers Can’t Be Out on Facebook. White Supremacists? No Problem


Remember when we told you about how the United States of America enacted laws to keep openly gay men and women from protecting the nation, but made no such efforts to keep out and proud white supremacists from serving in the military? Now it turns out that, while a gay soldier would ostensibly be kicked out for announcing his sexuality on his Facebook page, Aryan power nutbags appear to suffer no such consequences for posting their racist hatred on social networks.

The Southern Poverty Law Center told members of Congress this week that racist soldiers not only serve in the military, but they promote themselves on (“a racist version of Facebook run by the National Socialist Movement”) and list their white power and military service right next to each other. Profiles “show a disturbing number of Nazi and Confederate flags, white supremacist language, and identification as active duty members of the U.S. military. One hundred thirty members out of a total 7,906 users list their job as ‘military.’ Member ‘geisler,’ for example, identifies himself as a ‘human resources specialist’ in the Army and says he wants to ‘find a woman I can settle down with and have a nice, WHITE family (unlike some in the army with all the race traitors).’” Above, user “BounceandBurst” posts that he’s “tired of the destruction of our clean white culture and heritage, the poison of black culture in our society, and the illegal invasion of mexico into our sovereign nation.” This “Proud White man” is stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado.


To be sure, white power “enthusiasts” are not new to the military. Nor is notifying legislators and the Pentagon about the problem — or, maybe it isn’t a “problem,” since SPLC notified the Bush administration about the phenomenon; it promptly did nothing about it.

That the military tolerates — and, to hit recruitment quotas, sought after — white supremacists to serve our country is problematic for any number of reasons, ranging from “we should not promote this version of our country to the nations we work with abroad” to “these folks are openly racist and are ordered to serve alongside non-whites.” Which means when it comes to always having a fellow soldier’s back, and never leaving any man behind on the battlefield, you can imagine these rules are “flexible” when it comes to a white supremacist soldier and a black or Hispanic comrade.

In the meantime, military higher-ups still pretend letting gay soldiers serve will 1) inhibit our national security; 2) negatively impact soldiers’ families; 3) violate soldiers’ religious beliefs.

‘Cause gay soldiers are the real culprits here, and not straight — and out — racists.

(SPLC’s fuller letter here; PDF.)

(Screenshot via Stars & Stripes)

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  • SM

    Well, that is just wrong.

    Nothing is written in stone, but there are rumors that Hate Crimes Legislation may be brought up on the Senate floor this week. Heads up to focus on your Senators in case it is a reality.

  • TANK

    I agree with BDSM. That’s just wrong!

  • Bruno

    Many of the homophobic military brass aren’t that far off from outright white supremacists in spirit.

  • SM

    @TANK: @TANK:

    Blah, blah, blah Tank.

    Use their stupidity to your advantage. That’s a little obvious.

  • ES

    Is it just me, or is this a wonderful opportunity to troll?

  • damon459

    what’s funny about this is the military recruiters do actively try to recruit gay’s even now I have watched them bagger friends of mine after all of us clearly stated we were openly gay and wouldn’t go in the closet to serve they simply said join the air force they won’t care. If we want to end DADT we need to stop joining the armed forced period it’s the only way to show they won’t have the people they need unless the openly except us. I personally could never die for a country that sees me as a second class citizen they did it to the african americans, Native Americans and every other race group they could to find the numbers they need, so if you want and end to don’t ask don’t tell stop serving period fuck’m let them find some other way to win senseless wars. As for the white supremacists kicking them out should be a high priority but unfortunately white heterosexuals still run this country no matter what anyone may want to believe.

  • Dabq

    Well this certainly isn’t shocking news, homophobia and racism are still little only two hateful acts that most in this country have no problem with, especially in cyberspace where it seems to sadly just flow full steam ahead.

  • Rick

    What about a gay white supremacist?

  • bananaRepublic

    @Rick: you are talking about a sizeable percentage of Queerty readers (and regular commentators).

  • galefan2004

    @Rick: There are gay white supremacists?

    Seriously, there is a difference between standing up for your race (see NAACP and whatever Sotomayer belongs to) and promoting the eradication of the other races. Its funny how when whites say they don’t accept race mixing and the infiltration of Mexicans into this country they are labeled as racist but when the the minority groups fight for preferential treatment (see affirmative action) they are seen as “human rights” organizations.

  • galefan2004

    @bananaRepublic: Yeah and the other half is “victim” playing minorities. Makes for some interesting conversation.

  • Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace

    It’s time to end DADT, and DOMA, Mr. President.

    And to the marriage foes, and sexually phobic, please find something else to do with your time, because life’s too short. Find love.

  • sal(the original)

    wow mr obama,hello!!!

  • Dawson

    I think we should mess with their heads and post things on their site. Since all we are are faggots to them let’s give them a run for their money. These inbreads never can take a joke so let’s make fun of them. They hate when you talk about their family so let the games begin.

  • Cam

    @SM: You said
    “”Well….the Religious Right gets it. Let’s see if the bitter people on Queerty who attack their supporters get it.””

    this coming from the person that said since the gays on here couldn’t agree with each other maybe we didn’t deserve equality. You claim to be a supporter but in many ways you are like the plantation owner who claimed to like blacks. You are fine with gays as long as you can pat us on the head and we say and do what good little sub-groups do…but if we DARE to complain about anything you fly into a rage. If we dare to say that “Obama isn’t moving on issues he said he would” etc… suddenly we are bitter bitches that should be grateful for anything. Thanks but no thanks, your type of support went out of style in the 80’s

  • TANK


    I’m harnessing the raw power of stupid right now.

  • TANK

    Harnessing wasn’t a pun, bdsm. Get your mind out of the gutter.

  • SM


    Tank…you can bash me all you want. It does not bother me. It only proves you treat people who support you like trash :)

    My friends have testified before Congress on LGBT issues and have had face to face conversatons with people like Eric Holder. Trust me, I don’t care about Tank bashing.

    Show your hostility….you know you have anger issues.

  • TANK


    Bash you? LOL! SO now you’re appropriating that word like christians offended by gay people sticking up for themselves against bashings, too? Bashing involves real discrimination, like say, getting your teeth kicked for walking down the street holding your partner’s hand. There are real victims of “bashing” out there–you ain’t one of ’em.

    That’s pretty indefensible.

  • SM


    Blah blah blah Tank. You are booooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnngggg

  • TANK


    Stuff your sorries in a sack, muffin top. ANd please, stop supporting me.

  • BrianZ

    @TANK: I love reading the ongoing development of why nut-bag supports the queers.

    First it was the right thing to do (and we’re not worthy)

    Then it was because of a gay sibling (still not wortheeeeey!)

    Then the queer got the HIV some 20 years ago (some comment about genocide I seem to recall…)

    Various sundry lies (gays can burn in Hell we’re so not worthy)

    Annnnd now the loon has friends that have been called up to testify (no doubt they testified that we aren’t worthy)

    Tasty is the crazy, yes?

  • RainaWeather

    I take this as evidence that all white people are racist.

  • RainaWeather

    @galefan2004: Do you realize that what you are saying is exactly what white supremacists say all the time? “We don’t hate other races, we just love the white race.” What makes you different?

    And you should really think about what “white supremacy” means. It means the supremacy of whiteness, not necessarily the exclusion of other races. If you prefer “white culture” to other cultures, that does make you a white supremacist. The United States in fact, is layered with white supremacy. There are certainly gay white supremacists.

  • Attmay

    Is there such a thing as “white culture,” really? There are German, British, French, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, American, Australian, etc. cultures.

    @RainaWeather: Gale’s comment had NOTHING to do with preferring “white culture”, whatever that is, to any other culture. But there is racism on this blog, and at least half of it is against the Strawman Du Jour, gay white men. And as one, I am offended by it.

  • Robbie

    It is plainly clear that white supremacy is evident even in homosexual magazines, homosexual movies, homosexual pornography. Most homosexuals see white males as the “ideal” man. Blond,blue eyed,muscular, well endowed, wealthy. This is exactly what Nazi Germany wanted and it seems that this same image is what Gay White people and non White Gay people want. Advocate,OUT,Genre,etc want only a clean image of what a Gay male should be and look like. Unfortunately they show Hispanics (Latino),Asian, or Black as HIV infected persons with ads showing these ethnic males using retrovir or any ‘vir’ drugs as though they are the diseased pariahs that society should avoid. They sometimes show white males with HIV using vir drugs. Rarely though.
    White supremacy has not only been in homosexual imagry but heterosexual as well. Most fashion magazines show white males and white females on their covers and majority of advertisements show whiteness as the accepted race. Very sad. It will take a long time before they change that image.
    Also the subject of poverty. Homosexuals aren’t poor. Well at least the mainstream gay/straight media like to conclude that.
    I am not wealthy. I work in a hotel and make close to $15,000 a year. Not much at all and it’s unbelieveable that these media think we have to be rich to be accepted. How irrational is that?

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