Takes On Homophobic High Point Church

Gay Vet’s Lover Speak Out

Christianity may espouse charity, but Texas’ High Point Church wasn’t feeling it when they canceled gay veteran Cecil Sinclair’s funeral last week.

The Church claims they couldn’t reconcile their perspective on gays with their faith. You know, ’cause gays are total demon sinners.

Despite their heartfelt heartlessness, Paul Wagner, tells a different tale.

A church-goer offered the space, says Wagner, and didn’t bat an eyelash when discussing Sinclair’s sexuality. High Points’ higher-ups, however, apparently had some problems, but weren’t willing to fess up to being anti-gay:

…Cecil’s niece called back to the church and demanded an explanation. It was at that time a very long string of excuses began to form. First she was told that it was because we were bringing in outside food, which they didn’t allow. Then we were told it was because there was construction going on nearby which they felt would be too obtrusive. We said we didn’t think it would interfere. Then we were told it was because there was a scheduling conflict.

Doesn’t God frown upon lying? It’s, like, a sin or something, right? Apparently HPC condones some transgressions.

HPC remains unapologetic for refusing Sinclair’s final service. Reverend Gary Simons defended his directive Sunday, saying, This decision was not based on hate, or discrimination, but upon principle and policy. We cannot glorify homosexuality as a lifestyle.” Obviously more forgiving than Simons, Wagner confesses he holds no grudge:

To me personally, I have no problem with the church turning us away. My problem is with the method in which they did it.

I loved Cecil truly and deeply, and I am sorry that anyone considers a truly heartfelt, emotional, even spiritual connection to another human being to be sinful, simply because that love is between two people of the same sex.

You can practically hear Wagner snapping his fingers in Simons’ face. Boo-yah!

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  • Jack Jett

    Please Please…..WE need your help.

    While this story has made national news around the world, our local alternative weekly refuses to report the story….WHY?

    The editor of the Dallas Observer use to be a lesbian until she found the Pentecostal religion and prayed her muff diving ways away.

    Now this paper does nothing but promote the Christian agenda.

    Please Please email [email protected]

    to let her know that this is of importance and needs to be reported.

    Her religion, the COGIC also believes that Jews and Catholics are sinners and going to hell.

    AGAIN, this is part of the Village Voice newspapers that refuse to carry this important local story.

    Thanks for you help.
    jack jett

  • stonerboy711

    http://www.churchunusual.com Check out Gary Simons photo. He’s either gay or the missing Back Street Boy (or both). I called there to rip him a new asshole and the receptionist lied to me – transfering me when she knew damn well that he didn’t have a voicemail box. Christians are fucking liars – at least the ones in this shit hole church!

  • Jack Jett

    Thanks stonerboy for doing that.

    Sadly Dallas is full of Gary Simons. We call it the Travolta Syndrome.

    In a semi-related story, there is a church down the street where the preacher is accused of giving his female congregation enemas and then spanking them as a form of “counseling”. It just sounds so messy.

    jack jett

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