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  • Captain Freedom

    And unlike the real world you won’t have a bunch of Confederate flag-worshipping neighbors with white hoods and fire-torches and pitchforks calling for your head in the streets.

  • Alec

    President Obama didn’t say anything positive about this. He must hate us.

  • Andrew Triska

    @Alec: Haha, nice. I wonder when the editorship is going to figure out that we don’t need hourly updates on whether Obama’s said anything about the gays yet. Queerty, you’ve said it, we get it…

    The article’s wrong on one count: in the Sims 1, characters could only move in together, but in the Sims 2, they could have what was euphemistically termed a “union.” They could have a ceremony and subsequently adopt kids, but it wasn’t called a “marriage.” Kudos to Maxis!

  • omgmofohomolol

    Actually, to further nerd out the conversation this article is also wrong in that the game wasn’t even developed by Maxis.. It was fully made by EA Redwood Shores.
    Does Queerty need a copy editor or something?

  • fruxforte

    Actually, it was the Sims 1 where gays could only move in. In the Sims 2, they could only get civil unions.

  • Lex

    Gay sims could get married since the first game. If you didn’t bother to learn how to download things to customize your game that’s your fault.

  • Sarah

    I’ve played all 3 Sims games. The annoying thing about Sims 3 is that you *have* to adopt with a same-sex couple. In the Sims 2 there was a cheat to let your f/f or m/m couple have a biological child. ;)

  • cece


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