Gays Counter Ex-Gay Garbage

Yow. Gays were definitely outnumbered at Love Won Out’s conference this weekend.

The “ex-gay” group gathered about 700 supporters and curious bystanders in San Jose to discuss how to fight their same-sex urges. One man, a minister named Anthony Jones, said he attended so he can “learn” more about the gays: “I’m hoping to learn approaches on how to minister to homosexuals to know and understand what their lifestyle is.” And what better way to learn about a group than to saddle up to those who want them dead. Gawd!

Meanwhile, ex-gay defamer Wayne Besen gathered a couple dozen true believers to protest ex-gay therapy. One protester, Joyce Rogers, had this to say: “These poor, deluded people inside are being told an absolute lie: that you can pray away the gay. If that’s the case, then you can pray away the straight, too.” That’s how we did it!

The Gaytheist offers their first hand account here.