Highlight Homo-Hating Past, "Medical" Mischief

Gays Take on Anti-Gay Surgeon General Nom.

Truth Wins Out dedicates its non-profit practices to combating ex-gay groups – the religious-minded organizations attempting to “cure” homosexuals. No doubt, then, that TWO has a few words to say about Dr. James Holsinger, President Bush’s anti-gay nominee for United States Surgeon General.

Holsinger’s got quite a homo-hating past, not least of all his founding Hope Springs Community Church, which believes it is man’s “intent to reproduce the following core values in every area of our church life and remain firmly committed to living out our purpose in everything we do”.

As part of their campaign against homo-hating Holsinger, Truth Wins Out has released the above video statement, in which executive director Wayne Besen blasts the “good” doctor’s medical approach:

Holsinger is an ideologue whose medical views on gay and lesbian people resemble sorcery more than sound science. The last thing America needed was another deplorable nominee who isn’t up to the job, but this is exactly what Bush delivered.

Besen goes on to say “It is clear that James Holsinger is to medicine what Alberto Gonzales is to justice.” That, of course, ain’t good…