General Mills Kicks Off Pride Month With Awesome LGBT Advertising

BpXq-aKIIAAUa0VPride season is quickly approaching, which means major corporations all over the world will be launching campaigns, releasing videos, and tweeting rainbows to prove just how much they love the LGBT community.

And with President Obama’s recent declaration to officially sanction June as “Pride month” in the United States, more companies than ever before are expected to jump on the big gay bandwagon this year. One of the first to the party is cereal powerhouse General Mills, employing the Lucky Charms marshmallows to relaunch their annual #LuckyToBe campaign.

The campaign seems to be less focused on LGBTs specifically this year, though its message is still one of acceptance and love. (Progress?)

We’re Lucky. We live in a colorful world, full of colorful people. We don’t all look the same, believe the same things, or love the same people, and that’s a good thing.

As it did last year, General Mills is encouraging folks to participate in the campaign by tweeting photos with the hashtag #LuckyToBe.

Happy Pride! Tweet your #LuckyToBe photos to @Queerty and we’ll feature the best ones here!