Is It Over Yet?

George, Brad Send Up Larry Craig

George Clooney and Brad Pitt took a pot shot at Larry Craig. Literally. George Clooney couldn’t attend the American Cinematheque ceremony honoring Julia Roberts. Rather than leaving an empty void where a tribute should be, Clooney sent along a little video. Marc Malkin reports:

George Clooney wasn’t able to make it, but he sent a video tribute. Gushing over his Ocean’s costar while sitting in a bathroom stall, Clooney suddenly found himself in a Sen. Larry Craig situation. Someone was in the next stall trying to tap shoes with the Hollywood hunk.

When Clooney jumped up and quickly opened the stall door next to him, he found the culprit to be Brad Pitt!

A wide-eyed Pitt joked, “I have a wide stance.”

Um, right.

This isn’t the first Larry Craig send up unleashed upon the world. And, we’re sure, it won’t be the last. If Craig has done anything productive during his Senatorial tenure, it’s vanquish the once ubiquitous Brokeback references.