George Santos accuses Biden of lying: “The category is GASLIGHTING”

Rep. George Santos
Rep. George Santos (Photo: US Gov.)

Serial liar and out-gay GOP Rep. George Santos enjoyed his first State Of The Union address yesterday evening. Santos rushed to join the chorus from other far-right Republicans in accusing President Joe Biden of lying. After the speech, Santos took to Twitter with a ballroom reference.

“SOTU category is: GASLIGHTING!” he said.

“The category is…” was a line routinely delivered by Billy Porter as Pray Tell in the drama, Pose.

“Gaslighting” is a term for someone who tries to convince another person that a truth is a falsehood.

Biden’s speech dwelled heavily on his administration’s accomplishments. The President rammed home the message that he wants to “finish the job”, despite Republicans now controlling the US House.

However, in a more raucous speech than usual, representatives such as Marjorie Taylor Greene (who brought along a prop white balloon), heckled Biden as a liar.

Greene was reacting to Biden stating, “Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans — some Republicans want Social Security and Medicare to sunset.”

Greene objected to this claim.

Santos echoed Greene. He said, “False. Republicans do not want to cut Social Security or Medicare.”

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Democrats fire back at Santos

Santos is under multiple investigations for his lies and campaign finances. His accusations against Biden did not go down well online.

Gay, Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres (NY) fired back, “Gaslighting is a George Santos specialty.”

Santos responded, “Stop obsessing over me: I’m married.”

Although photos appeared online of Santos and his supposed fiancé in 2020, journalists have so far failed to track down a marriage license for George Anthony Devolder Santos.

This begs the question: Is Santos actually married?

Former congressman turned political commentator, Mondaire Jones, told Santos, “Please don’t ruin Pose for us.”

Santos responded with a catty comeback.

Others were quick to criticize Santos.

Mitt Romney calls George Santos a “sick puppy”

Whilst on the floor of the house, Santos also had a run-in with GOP Senator Mitt Romney.

The Utah lawmaker passed Santos but did not shake his hand.

Afterward. Romney told reporters, “I don’t know the exact words I said. He shouldn’t have been there. Look, he’s a sick puppy. He shouldn’t have been there.

“I don’t think he ought to be in Congress and he certainly shouldn’t be in the aisle trying to shake the hand of the president of the United States and dignitaries coming in. It’s an embarrassment.”

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It appears Santos (admittedly not the most credible of witnesses) could recall the exchange. He recounted it to political reporter Kadia Goba. Goba tweeted it and Santos retweeted it.

Mitt: You don’t belong here.

Santos: Go tell that to the 142K that voted for me.

Mitt: You’re an ass.

Santos: You’re a much bigger a**hole.


Santos also took to Twitter to throw shade at Romney, telling him he would never be President.