George Washington University Threatens Heteronormality By Letting Boys And Girls Live Together

The George Washington University (yes, they purposefully but a the in the title) will make co-ed housing available to all students — even incoming freshman — the D.C. school will announce this week. The move comes after years of criticism by LGBTs, who successfully argued separating dormmates by gender ignored the unique experiences and needs of queer underclassmen. And like all decisions made to create some tiny bit of equality, this one is not without its detractors: “This is the liberal administration at the university imposing something on students,” insists Travis Korson, a senior international affairs major and president of the campus chapter of Young America’s Foundation. “None of these systems have been around for more than five years. There’s no way to prove they will be successful.” Except by … trying them out? Dorm building floors are already mixed-gender at GWU; this move will simply allow students of the opposite sex to live together, effectively ending the debate on where trans students — like GWU’s basketballer Kye Allums — “should” live. [photo via]