the shot

Germany’s Gay Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Brings His Partner to China (And Nobody Cares?)

THE SHOT — Germany’s newly appointed vice chancellor and foreign minister Guido Westerwelle (bottom, center) poses with China’s Premier Wen Jiabao (bottom, right) during an official state visit to Beijing, and Westerwelle’s first trip to Asia under his new role. And who’s that handsome bloke next to Westerwelle? His partner Michael Mronz. As SFist relays, there was very little attention paid to Westerwelle attending with his GAY PARTNER! “According to German publication Das Bild, the Japanese were quietly irritated by Mronz’s presence. The article also revealed that while Westerwelle was busy attending events, Mronz undertook a ‘programme typical for a foreign dignitary’s partner’, visiting a museum amongst others.” It doesn’t appear Westerwelle made any mention of Chinese officials shutting down the Mr. Gay China pageant, hinting that sexuality will not, at least yet, be part of his foreign diplomacy.