Get Clubby with Full Frontal’s “Blurred Lines” Followup

Oh sure, we all like equality, but is this the year that equality actually becomes trendy?

Here’s “All Equal on the Dance Floor,” a new song from The Perry Twins, Cameron E Neilson, Ryan Hanson, and Full Frontal Freedom. You might remember FFF’s “Women’s Rights” parody of “Blurred Lines,” featuring lots of objectification-ready torsos. The new song is a lot bouncier than the previous works, the kind of thing you bounce around to at a volume that makes your hearing muffled for the next few hours.

Some sample lyrics: “take a look around, tell me what do you see. I see a million faces, a million faces just trying to be. So put your hands up and touch above. Step into the club and fall in love,” but fortunately the mission is even more important than the words: “Our goal is to send a ‘feel good’ message to the world,” say Doug and Derek Perry, which is very nice of them.

Quoth a FFF spokesman: “Full Frontal Freedom is proud to help spread the word of this compelling song with an important message.”

The gist of the song is that “the one place that everyone is equal is the dance floor,” according to Doug and Derek. In other words: from each according to his dancing ability; to each according to his need to party.

The Perrys are partnering with FFF on an “#ALLEQUALONTHEDANCEFLOOR social media campaign,” which as far as we can tell is a campaign to remind people to listen to the song.

“Proceeds to benefit a great cause!” says Full Frontal Freedom. And that cause is … feeling good, we guess? Well, there are worse causes to support.