Marriage Watch

Get Ready For A Flood Of Marriage Cases

The Supreme Court 2011Don’t worry if you’ve lost track of the number of courts that have overturned marriage equality bans at this point. It’s happening so fast nobody can keep up. Freedom to Marry says we’re at 22 wins in just the last year! And in just a few week, we could get that number up into the thirties.

Last week it was Kentucky, believe it or not, that saw its marriage ban start to crumble. That’s not a huge surprise, because Governor Steve Beshear’s defense of the state’s ban was more-than-usually insane: his lawyers say that if queers can marry, heterosexuals stop having so much sex and the economy is destroyed.

Yes. Really. That was their argument.

Not too surprisingly, the judge called these arguments “not those of serious people.” Haha.

Lots of other courts are primed for a ruling right now. We could get a decision at any moment in Virginia, Oklahoma, or Florida.

And we’re going to have a ton of hearings very soon in some western states. From Ohio to Hawaii, appeals courts will hear at least eight different cases in early August and early September. If the rulings in those cases happen swiftly enough, they’ll be able to appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court. It’s going to be an awfully busy fall for marriage attorneys jostling to be heard by the highest court in the land.