Giant Billboard Reading “Nobody Is Born Gay” Pops Up In Richmond

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In an amazing twist, it’s been revealed that the “twins” on the billboard are actually just one guy who is an out and proud gay man.


If you drive down highway I-95 in Richmond, Virginia, you will pass a billboard that features two men, one dressed in a suit and the other in a white T-shirt, and reads: “Identical twins: One gay. One not. We believe twin research studies show nobody is born gay.”

The group behind the sign is Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), a nonprofit organization that works “to educate, support, and advocate for individuals and parents on the issue of same-sex attraction, and to increase others’ understanding and acceptance of the ex-gay community.”

On its website, the group cites two studies that deny the existence of a “gay gene,” one of which was conducted in 2000 with participants who were twins and is now heavily disputed, even by the study’s main researcher.

A spokesperson for Lamar Advertising Company, which owns the billboard, told LGBTQ Nation that PFOX’s stance “is not a reflection of our company’s views.”

“It is in the best interest of our company and the communities we serve to accept advertising copy openly,” said Allie McAlpin, Communications Director for Lamar. “We do not accept or reject copy based upon agreement or disagreement with the views presented.”

LGBTQ Nation points out that is isn’t the first time PFOX has promoted its message in Richmond.

In October 2013, the group lobbied the state legislature to cease funding “gay-transvestite centers at Virginia’s public universities,” claiming state funds were being inappropriately used to “indoctrinate” youth into changing their faith.

The billboard is scheduled to remain up until January 4.

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