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  • Franky

    This image confuses me, and angers me all at once. Confusing because they look exactly like the people on Jersey shore and you don’t expect them to be making out with other guys at any point. Angering because I hate Jersey Shore with a passion and hate this gay version just as much already.

  • NY152

    This show has DISASTER written all over it! Seriously, can someone please put together some quality gay television and stop trying to amuse us with this fake garbage! It’s getting embarrassing people…..

  • ousslander

    I agree enough with the bad knock off reality shows. Yes, Franky not all gay people dress alike and sound alike and live in a a gay ghetto. I know, surprising

  • Qjersey

    For some reason the show is based in ornear Atlantic City…which makes absolutely no sense. Asbury Park is pretty much the epicenter of anything gay “down the shore.”

  • scott ny'er

    do you have to smell like Axe?

  • NMV

    @Franky: Yes, Franky, not all gays are queens.

  • greenmanTN

    @Franky: I’m pretty sure that’s a Photoshop job starring “Joey Porsche,” made (in)famous by the Hot Chicks With Douchebags website. (Which is really funny, so worth a look.)

    So far as Atlantic City goes, I spent a few days “down the shore” with the extended Cherry Hill, NJ family of my partner and while it might not be the epicenter of Jersey Shore douchebaggery, it’ll do until something worse comes along. The place I stayed was more Jewish than Italian (Jewdo vs Guido?) but you’d have to check for circumcisions to tell them apart.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Asbury Park perhaps, but there’s damn-little “gay” about Atlantic City…and it’s been that way for decades. There hasn’t even been a decent gay bar there in 20-years, and it wasn’t THAT great to start-with. Some older married gay couples in Cape May, but otherwise nada. If you want “gay drama” and sand, visit Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and the closeted military and DC Beltway types.

    Plus, the Guidos and Guidettes of North Joisy and Long Island don’t venture south of Barnegat Inlet if they know what’s good for them.

    Epic Fail…..

  • Franky

    Where did I say that all gays should be queens? And no I really don’t mean that we should dress alike or sound alike. These two look like total guido stereotypes, and last I checked guidos didn’t make out with guys.

    Copy-paste the above. Add on, I can’t stand the gay ghetto. I lived near the one in my city for a while and found it be a tedious place to live…

    I’ve seen that site a few times. Pretty damn funny.

  • OusslanDer

    @Franky: Gay and guido are not mutually exclusive. Just like some of thugged-out guys are gay. Every group there is has us gays as members

  • Ian

    @ousslander: They are just going where they think the money & ratings are. Jersey Shore gets MAJOR ratings and kids eat it up (I know, they tell me all the time). I remember once on some blog commenting that I’d love it if LOGO would show that one program where the two gay guys try to start a farm & slaughter their own animals, and got ROUNDLY shouted down for those that wanted the usual stereotype ‘reality’ shows like the A-List, etc.

  • greenmanTN

    I don’t have either Logo or here! but from what I’ve seen of their programming I don’t think I’m missing much. Drag queens, drag queens, drag queens, fashion, decorating, fabulous, fabulous. Whatever. I get that there are segments of the gay community who like those things and that’s fine. But it’s bizarre (and somewhat offensive) to me that the view of the gay community promoted by these so-called gay networks isn’t much broader than what’s shown by the Christian Right! How about a little variety, something other than the eternal quest for fashion and fabulousness? The gay community has incredible variety but their programming only reflects the most shallow values and aspirations. And doing “me too!” versions of already successful shows, trying to snag a crumb of attention from their wake, isn’t likely to make it better. You that old “the gays are SOOO creative” chestnut? Well, you can’t justify that with any of the output from Logo or here!

  • Desdemona

    @greenmanTN: but at least this will likely show gay men that are not ‘Drag queens, drag queens, drag queens, fashion, decorating, fabulous, fabulous’

    and franky- obviously you don’t know much about guidos or gay men. We’ve been doing the metro thing for years and years before the typically straight guido got in line.

  • Franky

    That I’ve seen too. Saw a couple of thugged out gays walking down the road hand in hand, did a double take on that one too. It’s nice to see but still catches me off guard. It just shows we really are everywhere.

  • reed

    realize no one will watch a show about straight-acting gay guys. because it’s BORING.

  • Jerze3 Ho0d

    What gay shows need are honest Gay MEN! not these fairies, bandshee cunts, and queens running around trying to be famous and shaming the gay community with their wild antics. I understand gays want rights just like everyone else but how about we do something a lil farfetched… how about we start BEING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! I myself am a honest Gay Man that acts like a man. i always run into the question or the comment, you don’t act gay, or why are you gay if you act like a man? these are the stereotypes that these fairies and queens have brought upon us. i would have loved to be on this “under the boardwalk” show just to break down that stereotype. i’m into fashion not so much girl fashion but male fashion but i’m more of being my own boss rather than to trying look for the quick fame or glitz and glam of TV! Plus the weather sucked that day! Lol! but i definitely would have been more of a J woww character on this show. LoL! yes i love the Jersey Shore because i am from Jerzee and i rep my state! But i also would like to break down the Jersey Barrier cuz not all of us talk and act like these pathetic Jersey losers! I rep South Jersey! The Center of everything! i say that beacuae we’re minutes from Philly An AC and 2 hours either direction from NYC or DC

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