GOP Congressional Candidate Dean Young Tells Gay Alabamaians To “Go Back to California”

Reports that Alabama GOP Congressional Candidate Dean Young said gay people should “go back to California or Vermont or wherever they came from” if they don’t like his state’s policies on LGBT rights surfaced yesterday in a report by Mother Jones.

Young is currently facing off against former state Sen. Bradley Byrne in a runoff for the Republican nomination in a special election to replace former GOP Rep. Jo Bonner, who resigned earlier this year to take a job at the University of Alabama.

The comments were made by Young during his 2002 campaign for Mississippi secretary of state. In an interview with the Associated Press, he suggested that gay people living in Alabama were not indigenous to the Yellowhammer State and must have moved there from more gay-friendly jurisdictions. Though he failed to explain why any gay person in their right mind would willingly do something like that.

During that same interview, Young also referred to LGBT activists as “nothing more than a gnat on the rear end of an elephant.”


But it doesn’t stop there.

As it turns out, Mother Jones noted that Young has quite a long history of making antigay comments.

In 1996, he told LGBT activists: “Either you get your lives straight or you get back in the closet where you came from.”

A year later, he repeated that same sentiment, telling a crowd: “We love all homosexuals, but we don’t appreciate their lifestyle. To the homosexuals who will not change, you are not welcome here in Etowah County or in the state of Alabama.”

While running for congress this year, Young weighed in on the marriage debate, saying: “Marriage is between one man and one woman and no one needs to go to Washington representing south Alabama if they don’t believe that. If you want to have homosexuals pretending like they’re married, they need to go to the Democrat party.”

He also warned that America’s days were numbered, preaching: “We are witnessing the end of a Western Christian empire. We will see the end of this nation if we don’t do something, and do it fast.”

But the really scary thing about Dean Young is: He’s running neck and neck against his opponent in the polls. Which means he might actually be elected. Which means — well — we don’t even want to think about what that could mean.

Photo credit: Mother Jones.