GOProud’s LaSalvia Is Delusional About Party’s Stance On Gay Rights

GOProud director Jimmy LaSalvia was on MSNBC yesterday, talking to Thomas Roberts about how there’s growing support for LGBT issues in the Republican Party.

Exsqueeze us?

Jumping on the news that hedge-fund billionaire and Republican bankroller Paul Singer founded a gay-marriage Super PAC, Roberts was musing on the possibility of a pro-LGBT streak in the GOP. And LaSalvia was only too eager to agree:

“Everyone in America is having this discussion and thinking about these things in a personal way, and many people, including many conservatives, are coming to the conclusion that supporting same-sex civil marriage is the right thing to do.”

When reminded that the GOP’s platform, not to mention its presidential candidate, is against same-sex marriage, LaSalvia dug himself in deeper.

“When I’m across the country talking to young people, almost all of them either support same-sex marriage or think like i do, that the state should decide it, and so it’s very much a generational thing.”

Wait a minute—GOProud isn’t even outright in support of federal marriage rights? Jeez, how little are they willing to accept from the Grand Old Party?

Not to mention that LaSalvia is ignoring those millions of young religious conservatives who aren’t evolving or “having a discussion”—they’re fighting tooth-and-nail against our basic rights. Of course, he’s not likely to encounter them at one of his talks.

We have to wonder what Roberts was thinking.