Gore Vidal Confirms That Katharine Hepburn Was A Very Slutty Lesbian

Out politico Gore Vidal is vouching for his buddy Scotty Bowers, who claims that he set Katharine Hepburn up “with over 150 different women” in his book Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of Stars.

According to Page Six, Vidal flew in to L.A. expressly for the book’s launch party. He wanted to assure attendees that Bowers is totally telling the truth. In a speech, he told partygoers he’s never caught Bowers in a lie in the 60-plus years he’s known him, joking that L.A. is a town “where you can meet 1,000 liars a day.”

We’d say that never catching someone in a lie is a little different than saying someone has never told a lie, but hey—good enough for us.

So that settles it: Katharine Hepburn was a very sexually active lesbian. Case closed!

Photo via Kate Gabrielle

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