Gorgeous Male Models Who Must Become Household Names

Hey, you like looking at hot male model shots, right? Well, take a look at these. These dudes are not famous yet, but if there’s any justice in the world of sex appeal you’ll be seeing a lot more of them next year. We’ve been scanning Model Mayhem like a lecherous creep, looking for a few great faces (and bodies).

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Uriel lives in Dallas, and hopes that modeling will help his “dreams come true,” adding that he is “willing to work my butt off.” Good to know.



Aaron lives in Florida, but we’ll try not to hold it against him. When he’s not lounging around shirtless, he’s a financial trader and analyst. Or maybe he does those things shirtless, too. We’d buy what he’s selling.


Shahin lives in Tulsa but dreams of modeling in New York. He draws the line at any modeling that is risqué or erotic. See if you can persuade him to change his mind.


Alex Markwith is kind of freaking us out with that intense glare. “I am an artist with a vision,” he writes. “I also have the ambition to realize this vision.” This is clearly a determined man. Get out of his way, world.


Daniel pretty much defines “all-American” with that jawline. You know how some people can walk into a room and stand there being rugged, and then a log cabin and a team of huskies and a campfire just sort of spring up around them? That appears to be what’s going on here. Also, he is apparently a fan of buttons. Lots and lots of buttons.


Scotty lives in Fort Wayne and has a dog named Sparx, as well as several lizards. “My dream life would be to have enough money to survive, a small house with lots of books, and a nice girl,” he writes. Well, that certainly sounds achievable.


Everybody loves twins! Here are Michael and Zach, and they come as a set. Get your finger out of your mouth, kiddo, you don’t know where it’s been. (Also, we just noticed the subtle Avatar tattoo on Twin #1. Can we be friends?)


Here’s Lenny. He has all of the sass. ALL OF IT. No, you cannot have any. He is using it ALL.



Here’s Anthony. He lives in Colorado and has abs that are bigger than some men’s pecs.



We are fascinated by Vallojez, the fellow on the right who seems to have found himself in quite a predicament. He writes, “I am very comfortable doing anything including fetish and nudity,” so he’s definitely our kind of folks.


Ron Bristol definitely has the look of a professional model down to a science. Look at that glare, and those hands! Why are you staring at us like that, Ron? What are you planning? Ron, why are you coming towards us like that? Why are you putting gloves on? Ron, what are you doing … Ron! Ron! Ohhhhh Ron!


We’ll leave you with adorable pocket-model Ian Jacob. In fact, we’ll leave you with two of his shots, because we can’t decide which we like best. Bringing blankets to market, or taking a bath in rosé — which is your favorite?


ian blanket