Older and Bolder

He Got Into Shape At 70. And Walked His First Runway Show At 80. Some Stories Deserve To Go Viral.

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It’s not often that these little films that overtake our Facebook feed do too much for us, but this one is awesome.

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The following short film stars Deshun Wang, decreed “The Hottest Grandpa” after footage of him walking the runway went deservedly viral. “I’ve been getting ready for this for sixty years,” he muses.

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The first time he ever stepped into a gym, he was 50 years old. But he didn’t really get into working out until he was 70. The first time he stepped onto a catwalk, he was 79.

“When you think it’s too late,” he says, “be careful you don’t let that become your excuse for giving up. No one can keep you from success except yourself.”