Gov. Paterson Says NY Will Get Marriage Vote By End of 2009. Believe Him?


Repeatedly spurned by New York lawmakers who refused to take up his pet cause of gay marriage, Gov. David Paterson emerged yesterday with a small triumph: He got ’em to agree to vote on marriage sometime before the end of the year!

Paterson says this is a big deal. Despite the Democratic-controlled Senate returning to Albany for a special legislative session, they still didn’t take up Sen. Thomas Duane’s marriage bill yesterday. But by the time it’s time to stop partying like it’s 2009, supposedly, they will.

Except we remain skeptical. Not because we don’t want to believe in Paterson. But because this is the same Democratic caucus that promised us, if they scored a majority in Albany this year, they would see to it that gay marriage got through.

And we all know what happened then.