Greed Breeds Gays, Says Ugandan Bishop

Taking a page from Adolf Hitler and his campaign against “money-grubbing” Jews, Ugandan Bishop Eria Paul Luzinda this week claimed that gays are motivated by greed.

Speaking to school children in Kayunfa, Luzinda claimed his country men have become too captivated by coinage and, thus, have let themselves slip into “immoral” behavior: “Many Ugandans today think that money is everything and are ready to do anything be it immoral, to get it. Because of their greed for money our people have taken on immoral acts like homosexuality and lesbianism.”

If being bent brought in the dollars, we’d be rich by now!

Money, of course, doesn’t grow on trees and a finger must be firmly pointed at Western and industrialized nations, which are allegedly using their wealth to spread the homosexuality, particularly among the young and impressionable: “The youth are the main target of these acts but I want to advise you not to be enticed into such acts because they will ruin your life.” But you’ll be rolling in it!