Grey Lady Shines Light on Ex-Gays

Today’s New York Times has an article on reparative therapy. There’s really nothing new offered – the same old rundown of how people can’t cope with their homosexuality, go to a therapist to rid themselves of their faggot burden and the connection between ex-gays and religious movements – there are two things that we’d like to point out.

The first is a quote from Dr. Jack Drescher, who once headed the American Psychiastric Associations’ Committee of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues (what, no trannies?). Speaking of repartative therapy, Drescher notes:

There’s not a debate in the profession on this issue. This is like creationism. You create the impression to the public as if there was a debate in the profession, which there is not.

His words, we think, fit quite nicely with what we were saying this morning with regard to pro ex-gay group PFOX and proponents of intelligent design.

Our second selection speaks for itself:

Robert Schaeffer, 44…is a former pastor who spent years secretly having sex with hundreds of men. After he discovered he was H.I.V.-positive, he divulged his secret to his Pennsylvania church and his denomination sent him to LIFE [Living in Freedom Eternally] Ministry. He began dating a woman after two years of counseling and eventually married her. He now proclaims himself to be completely free of homosexual desires.

“This ministry pointed me toward the emotional roots of homosexual desire,” he said. “The ungodly reactions to pain in my early formative years are really what I had to look at to get free of this.”

Hmm, we wonder if they have sex. If so, do you think they use a condom? We certainly hope so. Also, do you think his wife’s a lesbian or just really wanted to get married?