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This guy’s coming out tweet went unexpectedly viral for all the right reasons

‘I’ve been scared to say it forever’

A California man just had his coming out tweet go viral.

Adam Fletcher is a 35-year-old gaming professional from Orange County. On December 30, he posted a thread on Twitter revealing to his 20K+ followers that he’s gay.

“I’ve typed this tweet maybe 10+ times this year because I haven’t figured out a proper way of saying it…” Fletcher wrote. “I’m gay.”

In a follow up tweet, Fletcher went on to say, “I’ve been scared to say it forever, but damn does it feel good to say now! Close friends and some co-workers know, but the general public doesn’t.”

Well, they do now!

Fletcher’s tweet went unexpectedly viral, accumulating over 23,000 likes, nearly 750 retweets, and 1,100 messages of love and support.

Fletcher, who comes from a conservative family, added that fear is what prevented him from coming out sooner.

“I’ve had a ton of fear,” he revealed. “Fear that friends would shun me. Fear that it would hold me back career wise as bad apples always exist on a tree. And of course the fear of my family.”

But, he said, he also has a “close group of friends that have been incredibly supportive.”

He added, “These wonderful people have given me more confidence and support. I’ve been able to lean against them through this when family wasn’t an option.”

“So here I am. I’m sure people will be against it, but it feels good to just say it.”

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