Given the third degree

Guys list the most awkward questions they’ve gotten about being gay

Ah, the outer limits of straight curiosity. Redditors recently recounted the “most awkward thing[s] someone has asked [them] about being gay,” and the questions they listed ranged from clichéd to flat-out offensive. Read a selection of responses below, and see how many times your eyes roll.

“Would jail be, like, a good time for you?”

“Do you all have to go on a list? Like, tell the government or something?”

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“If a girl had a strap-on, couldn’t you still date her?”

“So, like, do your parents still love you? Like, no offense, but if I had a kid and it was gay, I’d be really bothered by it”

“So are you the man or the woman in the relationship?”

“Does that make you attracted to every guy?”

“How do you know you’re gay if you’ve never been with a woman? Why not try it out?”

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“Do you have a Grindr?”

“Do like to wear makeup?”

“Is your home decorated with male nudes?”

“Who wore the dress at your wedding?”

“Do you plan on having kids? How does that work for gay people?”

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